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Kids Evidence Tapping (EFT) Reduces Pain

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I now have “kids” evidence that tapping or EFT reduces pain. I had the opportunity to do tapping with my nine-year-old grandson this weekend.

His horrific eye pain occurred after watching the movie Power Rangers. We had attended a 6:55pm show. “The flashes and explosions alarmed my eyes,” he said. The movie was over two hours long.

He has light brown pupils and has always been sensitive to light. Driving home, I consciously stopped myself from worrying he might have something really wrong with his eyes.


I suggested he circulate the blood to his eyeballs by rotating them towards the four several times. He was also pressing on his pupils, and I realized he could do Reiki.

I suggested he rub his hands together first to increase the heat. He insisted, “I know how to do Reiki!” His godmother had attuned him when he was six. “Good,” I replied. “Keep doing it.”

Rubbing the hands first might have taken a bit of the nervous focus off his pain. Despite this, he kept complaining. “My eyes really hurt.”

Are you sure you’re just not tired? I asked. He claimed he wasn’t, but I knew he was.

At any rate, the pain should not be as sharp as he was saying. Trying to get to the genesis of the pain, I asked how it felt from the start. “Like my eyes were excited,” he said. “Like something going boom boom boom happened.”

Breathe deeply, I advised. His blood should circulate to his eyes, I thought. I asked him to lay down and place his knees on the seat. In the backseat with a seatbelt on though, this was too hard.

pic of malaysian women and child tappingHOME SOLUTIONS

Grandson kept eyes closed on the ride and I ran through possible scenarios to help him once we got home. Once there, we used an ice cube, then a cold compress wrapped in a washcloth. Not much change.

I turned on my frankincense burner, and we tented under some fabric to allow the smoky rocks to cleanse his eyes.

I felt something might have gotten into them when he rubbed them, like residue from the salted and buttered popcorn I made and sneaked into the theatre.

The smoke burned his eyes even more.

I stopped the tenting and resorted to pure oil of frankincense with a vegetable oil (blended about 1:3). After circling his eye sockets with this mixture, he smelled it from my hand and calmed down. After a minute or so, he said, “One eye feels a little better.”


I turned off the overhead light in the room. He lay on his side looking like he wanted to sleep. I asked again and he declared, “Im not sleepy.” He really did sound woke. This thought made me chuckle.

Let’s tap together, I responded, you follow me, . It was a bit of work to reposition him to tap on the different body parts. His scale of Zero-to-Ten was 6. Then went to 8. After a few rounds he said, “The pain is completely gone in one eye.”

His pain went up to 9 in the still-hurting eye. We did a few more rounds. He said, “It feels much less now.”

I told him to deep breathe again. He was obviously comfortable keeping his eyes closed rather than open, yes he insisted he was awake. I read to him from scripture. By the third sentence, he was snoring.


Next day, I helped him with his homework. His sentence containing the word problem was: 

I only have no problems.

I told him that wasn’t going to work. You either have no problems at all or only one problem, but not both occupying the same sentence. He changed it to:

I only have three problems.

Really, I said. Now if you’re going to say that, you have to say what they are. After a bit of massaging, he came up with these problems:

  1. Everyone in my family is smart and they all expect me to be smart. (You guys are so smart, you want me to do a lot of hard work. Very hard work.)
  2. My mother wants me to clean up my room and I don’t want to clean up my room. (It’s hard and it takes up a lot of energy.)
  3. My mom wants to send me to military school, and I don’t want to go to military school. (They’re gonna make me do a lot of hard things.)

So, less than 12 hours have passed, and you can see how tapping/EFT reduced pain not only in his eyes, but in his brain as well. Tapping is known to in allowing thorny problems to surface.

I’m so happy grandson got to release some of his pressing issues.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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