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7 Springtime Oils — Get A Tune-Up

pic of springtime oils xiang mao

There are springtime oils and aromas you must have for a timely, seasonal tune-up. These essential oils are made from the energy of newly budding green matter.

Your intention is to heal yourself into springtime oils energy. You’re officially out of hibernation and other forms of self-imposed sleep.

Choose pure oils like you choose juices for juicing or vegetables for salads and entrees. This will become automatic when using pure essential oils becomes your custom.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if an oil comes from a part of the world with no winter, you may use it. Also note what the oil is distilled/pressed from. In your travels you may come across the original form and you should pick up these flower petals, leaves, grasses and fruit rinds.)

Flowers and Fruits

Geranium (flower). Its rosy scent is nothing less than enchanting. Chief constituent, citronellol, is documented as insect-repelling.

Lavender (flowering tops). The Swiss army knife oil is again recommended for longer journeys through your more outdoorsy springtime life.

Orange and all citrus (rind). Besides inhaling the aroma directly, try adding to liquids and salad dressings for a refreshing pick-me-up and “open” turn of mind.

As you store away winter clothes, throw in the rind and some cloves. Or make a pomander ball. Moths hate this.

Ylang ylang (flower). Read more on this essential addition to your life. It’s time for your spirit to blossom.

Grasses and Trees

Eucalyptus, (leaves). Most forms support the body in clearing the bronchial tubes. E. radiata is gentler in this respect.

Wintergreen (leaves and bark). You’ve got to move more and this oil will help the body to release the stuck, sore muscles. Drink the tea, too.

Xiang Mao (aka red lemongrass). This is from Taiwan and not available everywhere. For me, the scent is a sharpener of awareness. It smells like lemongrass with a more woodsy note.

Enjoy springing forward. You may order oils from me here.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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