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19 Healthy Food Choices to Avoid

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Too bad there are healthy food choices to avoid! They are all related to “where your head is at.”

If you are rushing home to cook a quick meal or stopping at your favorite shop to pick up dinner (or lunch or breakfast), beware. To maintain above-the-line health, feel what you’re feeling about the meal you’re having. Don’t be in denial and ignore the truth.

Aches, pains, joint issues, lack of energy, brain fog and more are fueled by eating habits. Do not gouge to quiet a hunger pang, when you can eat to live. If weight loss is a goal, this is another reason to take your time.

The gurus say to drink water at least three times when you think you’re hungry. Water and a few drops of peppermint, fennel or grapefruit oil works wonders for the digestion. Sometimes the  hungry feeling mellows.

Healthy Food Choices To Avoid

Here are foods you may pick up on the way home or “throw together right quick,” for a family meal. Just don’t do it often.

  1. veggie patties– Vegetables must be first on the ingredients list.
  2. lean turkey meat– Very high sodium and you really don’t know what’s in it do you?
  3. bottled green tea– Laden with sugar and it’s so easy to make your own. And what are “natural flavors”?
  4. rice cakes– I thought these had fiber too. They don’t.
  5. protein bars– Or energy bars, as a replacement meal. Very rarely should you do this one. It’s too sugary, fatty, icky.
  6. flavored instant oatmeal– Excess sweetener. GMO* grain
  7. multigrain bread– Refined flour is first on the ingredients list?
  8. muffins– Heavily laden with sugar, coloring and refined GMO flour that does nothing for you.
  9. reduced fat peanut butter (or anything)– Excess processing means less nutrition.
  10. coucous– Unless it’s whole wheat, this in essence is refined pasta.
  11. sushi– Each piece is like a white-bread sandwich.
  12. rice milk– This is like the sushi rice blended and stirred. Both may be genetically modified organisms.*
  13. trail mix– Two much sugar; same as protein bars.
  14. spinach wraps and pasta– Green color to make you buy; GMO grain.
  15. pretzels– Too much salt and still over processed white floor.
  16. banana chips– Made sugary as if real banana is not enough.
  17. baked beans– Too much sugar, processing, pesticides, etc.
  18. bagel chips– 4 slices of processed GMO flour boiled into a bagel and chopped into 1 serving, with loads of salt.
  19. bagged flavored popcorn– Chemical flavors, GMO grain, and extra salt. I make my own before going to the movies, and add nutritional yeast and sea salt.

You can tell which of these are my favorites. I admit to hiding some from you too. However, knowing which food choices I should think twice about helps me when I find myself on the go. I am not a stationary HealMobile LOL!

This list is adapted from Reader’s Digest and I added two more.

If I have a reaction, I sometimes use DiGize essential oil blend after eating to soothe my system. Eating a piece of celery before bedtime is also a balancer that works for me. With almond butter, it’s a great snack.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

List adapted from Reader’s Digest and I added two more.

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