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How To Remind Yourself To Be Aware!

Note first the difference between BEWARE and Be Aware. Fear-mongering is for the fearful. When you are healthy in body-mind-spirt, and emotionally balanced (harmonious) as possible, fear and beware take up no room in your consciousness.

It is those other times that we are talking about. When you feel a bit less healthy and more vulnerable and wary. When you are stressed, confronted or caught off guard, the fight, flight or freeze response jabs your tranquility. You’re surprised whatever it is could have happened to you.

This came up in a HealMobile Group meeting. Sheryl Glenn, creator of Bliss Boxes and Your Bliss Zone, shared,

“Sometimes I wish I could remember to use my tools sooner.” 

Such tools could include: increasing affirmations, prayer, meditation and Reiki; taking a spiritual bath and foot bath; using essential oils, crystals and herbs; doing breathing exercises (pranayama), yoga and other focused movement;  tapping, acupuncture and many more.

Why aren’t we always aware? Perhaps it is because we always have more to learn.

More conscious awareness of life and its stops is how to remember sooner: being present, training yourself to notice shifts, and noticing how the shift makes you feel. This is not easy. However, it is consoling to know …

“It’s never too late to use your tools.” 

When you finally realize you can do this one thing, or several, to get out of a funk, take the leap. You have not wasted time. The body-mind often needs a break to recover from a stop or shock.

It is said that hindsight is always 20-20 (perfect vision). Use hindsight to categorize events, situations, and yes, kinds of people, to tie them to specific behavior or emotions you have decided to address.

Then you can use insight and foresight to confirm a new awareness of who you really are. Full disclosure — I am doing this work with regard to a love relationship, and it is helping tremendously. Be it known, my tools are getting used!

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid