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FAQ Do you have an oil for…?

Bay leaves

Folks, please try to stop asking this question. Essential oils are like foods, and each one, just like the plant it comes from, offers a range of benefits that your body may embrace or reject. Also like food, there are several oils that are great for the majority of people, even though people may experience different effects.

Herbs like dandelion are known for building the immune system, while burdock is known for helping to clean the blood. Traditional recommended uses of these herbs by no means  limits their other actions in the body-mind.

Why? Because there are attendant and consequent actions of every nutrient and food source the body-mind enjoys. The most visible outcomes for these two herbs are build immunity and cleanse blood.

What is SUPERLATIVE about essential oils –beyond all accolades and studies providing proof– is their ability to let’s just say build and cleanse, at a rate far faster than any herbs. And to have remarkable effects on other seemingly unrelated parts of the body-mind.

These two functions are create and destroy functions, if you will. Digestion is a destroy and create system, and circulation is too. They work well together, because you have to remove, tear down and eliminate–in other words destroy, in order to create anew.

ANSWER to the original question? You have to decide whether your issue is one that requires creating or destroying; building or cleansing. Although there is overlap in these functions, you’ll need to research which combinations of effects would most likely address your complaint.

If you experience persistent headaches or fevers, and have stomach and intestinal issues, barring feminine flow or change reasons, these are usually thought to be in the realm of cleansing. Health food stores are inundated with products to cleanse, break down obstructions, and remove body toxins.

If you experience an undue degree of phlegm and have persistent colds with runny nose, sneezing and coughing, your body is already cleansing. Any excess output of fluid or skin eruption issues indicate the body is working quite well, even if it may be overtaxed. To prevent the stress on this self-cleaning and self-healing function you need to build up your immunity.

pic of juniper


The reason these two ideas are so important is because most people’s day-to-day complaints fall into one or the other area. However, from the holistic point of view, the interrelatedness of the body demands the interrelatedness of the “food [oil/herb] as medicine” response.

Only you know which complaint supersedes the others. ANNUAL COLDS/FLU, BODY PAIN (hip, knee, big toe) and LACK OF ENERGY can all be seen as cleanse and immune system issues.  The oils are at the forefront of addressing these concerns easily, smoothly without horrid side effects, and speedily.

OILS USED BEFORE WRITING THIS POST: Dalmatia Juniper™ and Dalmatia Bay Laurel.™ (Both oils are from Croatia; they are pure distillations of leaves/stems/twigs.) I did not know the direction the post would take prior to writing. I only had the first sentence above in draft form. As you read the following descriptions of “what these oils are for,” you may see the relationship between what I’ve written above and what principal research says about these two oils. I do!

Juniperus oxycedrus Juniper Historical Data: Bundles of juniper berries were hung over doorways to ward off witches during medieval times. Juniper has been used for centuries as a diuretic. Until recently, French hospital wards burned sprigs of juniper and rosemary to protect from infection.  Medical Properties: Antiseptic, digestive cleanser/stimulant, purifying, detoxifying, increases circulation through the kidneys and promotes excretion of toxins, promotes nerve regeneration. Uses: Skin conditions (acne, eczema), liver problems, urinary/bladder infections, fluid retention. Fragrant Influence: Evokes feelings of health, love, and peace and may help to elevate one’s spiritual awareness.(from Ess. Oils Desk Ref. 6th Ed.)

Laurus nobilis Bay Laurel Historical Data: Both the leaves and the black berries were used to alleviate indigestion and loss of appetite. During the Middle Ages, laurus nobilis was used for angina, migraine, heart palpitations, and live and spleen complaints.  Medical Properties: Antimicrobial,expectorant, mucolytic, antibacterial (staph, strep, E. coli), antifungal (Candida), anticoagulant, anticonvulsant. Uses: Nerve regeneration, arthritis, rheumatoid), oral infections (gingivitis), respiratory infections, viral infections. [Fragrant Influence: none] (from EODR, 6th Ed.)


–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


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