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How to Conquer Being-Online DRAG

brainraysBeing online IS too often a drag, and it “sets you off” because your follow-through is atrocious.

When I say “sets you off,” I am speaking about how you resent the burgeoning weight of the Internet marketplace and society, and its overarching role as a proving ground for who YOU are as a human being with the right to be yourself.

  • You buy books online, read them or NOT.
  • You buy clothing and personal items online, wear and use them, or NOT.
  • You buy household items, cars and even real estate online, and are satisfied or NOT.
  • You buy into F.REE offers online, get out in time for them to be free, or NOT. And last but not least,
  • You buy SELF-GROWTH COURSES online to improve skills, self-concept, discipline, appearance and more, and take heed to what you’ve learned, or NOT!

The problem? You seek external, electronic and technological support in transforming your life, when the changes begin with YOU. They are not out there and you don’t need more stuff to effect them.

Misunderstanding this is what is atrocious about your follow-through.

Change, transition, transformation begins with you moving much slower, being much less technical about choosing solutions, and probably ignoring the vast mall of ideas and things that is the Internet for at least a day or a week or more.

Being online sets off warning bells inside of you.  You think they are signals to have more, do more and be more than you are.

Listen again. You don’t have to wait until an optimist says what you already know. You. Got. It. All.

The warning bells are actually signals for TIME OUT.

It’s recess! Time for schoolyard play!

Follow through by taking five minutes, hours, days, months– for you alone.

Time to click the internal reset button. Be quiet and in-joy.

Let priorities rise to the surface and astound you with their simplicity.

Let the time you take to deep breathe, digest, and assimilate into your Self replace the drag on your spirit.

Let it be, “My follow-through was atrocious, now following me is a delight.”

–Rev.Niamo Nancy Muid