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9 Self-Healing Power-Ups for Morning & Great Rising

Self-healing power is powerful IF you give it permission to be. As a mobile, healing entity made of physical bones and organic flesh, you are awesome. The physical part of you must be respected for the powerhouse it truly is, running 11 body systems* without a hitch. (list below)

Every day is like a resurrection for your body systems. They are summoned and wake up to do your bidding. That is, to support you in doing God’s bidding. The self-healing of the body-mind-spirit is nothing to doubt.

Meanwhile, most of us remain unaware that this is happening, and to our detriment. You may complain of some small aspect of pain or stress, while the body’s 200 types of cells are obedient and processing trillions of operations to get you going.

Change up! If you’re feeling frozen and fearful of dis-ease and unrest in your neighborhood, you can choose self-healing for personal power. You can engage and truly OWN self-healing hacks to feel more in charge and charged.

It’s said everything is WITHIN. So HOW to stimulate self-healing POWER?

This is one of those times THE HOW can be answered! The following techniques are like the mini-how and reinforce the domain of natural miracles and unconditional support, the maxi-how.

We all have access to what Dr. Fu Kiau termed our Self-Healing Power and Therapy. By performing actions that energize and motivate, “the how” of what we want will instantly take care of itself.

Do at least five of the following for at least 2-3 minutes soon after awakening. Speak the affirmations, prayers or reminders you already love as the same time.

Anytime may be the right time for connection to re-establish self-healing.
  1. Praise God, wiggle your toes and stretch your fingers. You’re alive!
  2. Massage ears with opposite hands stretched behind your head. Pull and tug at the lobes and tops.
  3. Revive with a cold shower. It can begin warm.
  4. Yoga/sujud— get in a fetal position, 3rd eye on floor, as many yogis, orthodox Jews, Muslims and Buddhists do. Invite divine energy.
  5. Sniff or inhale Awaken™ oil blend of 27 pure YL oils, among them bergamot, ylang ylang, and geranium. Go here for more info (just say No Thanks to being a YL member.)
  6. Tap meridian power points; tap and slap painful joints. (About EFT)
  7. Do fast fire breaths then immediately expel the phlegm. Read why.
  8. Flap your wings overhead and to the side as you might for jumping jacks, but standing still.
  9. Choose white or a citrus color, dress quickly in that color from head to toe.
  10. Dance to your favorite song, even in your head. Self-healing power has kicked in and you’re now ready to go.

Resurrection is a Great Rising

The morning/rising thing: We don’t call morning morning because it’s too much like mourning. It describes what some aspect of the body experiences– slow to respond due to death of a part of the self. It’s about returning from the sleep of death.

This is why the greeting is “good morning.” After the death of sleep, we wish you well or recognize that you are “well and good.”

The improved, conscious language for the aftermath of sleep is rising, as in awakening from death or resurrecting. “Good morning” is therefore now “Great rising.”

If you begin your day with great-rising energy, healing your body-mind can be faster and more complete. The above techniques can be enhanced with whatever exercise, diet choices, essential oils and meditative practices you use.

A video will be created to expand on the points above. In the meantime, go to my YouTube Channel to see related videos.

About My Own Great Rising

Disclosure: mornings are tough for me. Or used to be. Well, I mean I don’t pop up rearing to go, but stay in the bed and slowly embrace wake-up time by using some of the techniques above.

I used to think it was because I went to sleep late. I tried going to bed early to also arise early and refreshed, as the gurus said, but it didn’t work. I’d awaken after 3-4 hours and would not feel fresh, but groggy.

It took years of diet and lifestyle change and generally finding myself before I realized what was going on.

For one thing, I found out I have a certain watery constellation in my horoscope at the horizon (rising sign). It is natural for me to take my sweet, watery time waking up. I am underwater when I sleep, and dreams have importance for me. (link goes to Rev.Deb. Singletary, astrologer)

In addition, like most women, it always takes me longer than my husband to go to sleep. I listen to snores as well as transiting thoughts in my head.

Rest Precedes Awakening

At some point, I learned to write in a gratitude journal nightly. Even when I don’t get to write down what I’m thankful for, just counting my blessings allows me to de-stress and drift to sleep.

(Wifi access is turned off and the room is dark. This is discussed in Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism.)

I reimagine the snores as waves ebbing and flowing and I smell vetiver, petitgrain and/or lavender essential oils to quiet any chatter.

With all this, there’s no need to bounce up from the rest of my sleep. The soothing voices of Gregory Porter or Indie.Arie may be my alarm clock when needed. But generally, to revive my self-healing power for the new day, I cycle through my techniques above, with love, and rise.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

*Body systems are: (from Wikipedia, also more details here)

  1. Circulatory system:
    • Circulates blood around the body via the heartarteries and veins, delivering oxygen and nutrients to organs and cells and carrying their waste products away.
    • Keeps the body’s temperature in a safe range.
  2. Digestive system and Excretory system:
  3. Endocrine system:
    • Influences the function of the body using hormones.
  4. Integumentary system / Exocrine system:
  5. Immune system and lymphatic system:
    • Defends the body against pathogens that may harm the body.
    • The system comprising a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph.
  6. Muscular system:
    • Enables the body to move using muscles.
  7. Nervous system:
    • Collects and processes information from the senses via nerves and the brain and tells the muscles to contract to cause physical actions.
  8. Renal system and Urinary system
    • The system where the kidneys filter blood to produce urine, and get rid of waste.
  9. Reproductive system:
  10. Respiratory system:
  11. Skeletal system:
    • Bones maintain the structure of the body and its organs.