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Global Business — A Way to Stand Up for Your Total Healing

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Business (ad)ventures can be inspiring and healing.

Business is truly busy-ness, being in a nest of activity, doing and working nonstop. Being busy as a bee and the buzz is all-important. As I consider the shift in my life over the past few months, the role of business in healing self and kind has new and fresh meaning for me.

The world of business is often like a get-over space I want nothing to do with. The hype is ever-present. Salespeople and marketers appear very anxious about my accepting their integrity, honesty and the righteousness of their cause.

I take what they offer, then I get burned. This has happened many times. Yet basic business principles are not ignored and must be enfolded into the HealMobile healing service. The heart of my business has expanded, and a wonderful course taught me how to appreciate the change and welcome it.

The Prejudice that Trauma Builds

I’m understanding business as a healing activity that occurs wherever two or 200 or two million are gathered. Business IS where nano or micro-energy is occurring. I touched briefly on money energy itself here.

If I’m prejudiced against business, it’s because of tragedies such as Tulsa’s Black Wall Street and Florida’s Rosewood (to name only two incidences where post-slavery workers built thriving communities).

My prejudice exists because of the holocaust visited upon my enslaved ancestors –that memory– and the trauma afflicting their descendants today, who usually feel they have to run for their lives. (HQ 58:22) And they’re not immigrants.

Then there is control of human and natural resources and greed ruining the nurturing, healing and flourishing of future generations.

I can’t ignore the gut feeling that healing efforts are a drop in the bucket because a lot of people –a certain group of people– want to kill me and my families. (Much more is needed than healing body/mind pain.)

I was prejudiced against business because I was paranoid.

Well, past tense is often present tense. Of course, I’m reminded that the work of the healer is to be present and not tense!

Making the Transition to Business Energy

Healing shows up in a variety of ways, and some people are very good at conducting their healing or energy service businesses. I am good at the conveyance of energy. I must learn more about the business structure and discipline needed for realizing my highest calling and good.

What I am finding is my preferred business model incorporates energy patterns of working from network marketing, rotational credit clubs (susu), and the capital-building American or Western way. I’m learning to take the best and leave the rest.

The key is to keep cash flowing and circulating, not to create a fortress to hand down to descendants.

I’m learning-by-doing import/export, and I’m being guided by God Alone. Perhaps you can get why import (energy in) and export (energy out) is a good fit for an energetic being like me.

This shift is an answer to a recent affirmation that I repeated over many weeks: I am serene, fulfilled and successful. Through the lens of success and fulfillment, I see a shift in what the HealMobile will offer to individuals and groups. Serenity of a different sort.

Standing Up for the Right to Heal

Thus, I am creating a vertical business ensuring a level of economic serenity, which is in addition to providing healing and training. In fact, the healing and training requests have increased since this new focus has materialized.

Laying down on a Reiki table is transitioning into standing up for the right to conduct fruitful business with peers across the globe. We can be deliverers of focused energy in business as in healing. We just have to make sure…

— the flow of energy is present and the momentum reflects a strong flow

— when the flow slows or pauses, it is time to recharge the batteries!

— no wrangling about cost, price or value is needed

— gifting and being charitable is built into the flow

— balance is present as fairness and completion of sale or agreement

It is your right to live your life fulfilled and spiritually pleased. The next training in Reiki –universal life-force spiritual healing– will include how to discover your vertical business healing blueprint within your personal energy signature. For those that want this, it is here. Learn more.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy