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Eat More Natural Fish for Body-Mind-Spirit Health

Fish! The ocean dwellers of all kinds are the newest focus of environmentalists. A meal of fish is also targeted by people who are leaving red meat alone. Yet researchers confirm the communal practices and human-like sentience of sea creatures. For some this means human beings must not eat them.

I disagree. As many scriptural stories tell us, natural fish are part of the natural human food chain.

You’ve heard that most red meat is harvested from livestock that undergoes horrific crowding and injections for various reasons. These make the meat poisonous to humans.

Similarly, the majority of fish meat sold today is subject to greed. This makes eating it a poison rather than a pleasure. We are not even talking about farmed fish, which has a host of problems.

When you Google wild-caught versus farmed, you come up with a lot of contradictory evidence. Read about the benefits of wild-caught here.

High mercury content is the most telling feature of all “exposed” fish. And videos showing plastic and unrecyclable garbage killing these sea animals are revolting.

Eat Healthy Fish From People Who Went Fishing

What to do? Not all of us have access to ocean or fresh water fish. My friend’s husband loves fishing off Long Island, therefore the family always has delicious, fresh-caught fish.

Yes, the waters are polluted, but there are ways to cleanse the catch. Chemicals can dissolve and negative effects can be minimized. This is one reason lemon and lime are always used with fish. Of course, there are oils for cleansing and enhancing the taste too. (Contact me for instructions.)

The key is to eat fish that you trust, or at least know a little bit more about its origins.

Enter my newest product line — fish imported from Guyana in association with Teas-Tarts-Tings based in New York. (The website is in development, but take a look.)

We have Red Snapper, Butterfish, Kingfish, Grey Snapper, and Snook. Bangamary, a form of sea trout, is so popular it went fast. By the way, Butterfish has extremely low mercury content. Here’s the list:

Let me know if you would like some fish. The shipment came at the end of July. They are flash-frozen and have not been on a boat for 6 weeks like most Caribbean fish. We flew them in.

WE DELIVER TO NYC, TRI-STATE and can even mail you your order. In New Jersey call me at 201-966-1170.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy