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Emergencies–When the Stomach Responds

Whitish frankincense resin perfect for burning, purifying and calming, available from many street vendors.

From the time I was a child I noticed how emergency situations did not upset me, while others seem to be going nuts. I learned to react very deliberately to not add to the furor and to tone others’ heightened alarms down. Something within me would get still, and I was the one who became known as the picture of calm.

What’s interesting about this is I was not necessarily a tranquil person. I did not walk around floating or completely unaware–though I had my share of missed punchlines, and bouts of tripping and falling. And yes, I was a dreamer, and because I was artsy my lack of groundedness seemed acceptable to my friends. Looking back on my teenage years I can say I really don’t know how they perceived me, although I know I acted as if I didn’t care.

But that is another story.


Reiki is one way to soothe a nervous or upset stomach.

A bit more practical than spacey-dreamy (okay, debatable), I now prize remaining calm,  and tranquility is an important feeling- quality that I seek and treasure.

Since becoming more conscious of “whether I’m part of the solution or part of the problem,” I have learned to literally beam these attributes to others using Reiki as well as the energy from essential oils.

How? First I had to learn to listen to my body. I must admit I have this consistent physical complaint. The one area that I’ve owned as my human frailty (within a cocoon of good health), is my sensitive stomach. It feels uncalm and not tranquil before I know what’s going on around me, like an inner alarm system.

At the same time, my tummy both talks to me and filters my emotions. I know when it is happy and efficient and when it is not glad I ate something. It also expresses itself when buried emotions spring up to let me know I have unfinished emotional business. The triggers that set off my stomach thermostat vary.


Frankincense tree branch

I am still learning to listen to it closely, since I’m aiming for my late 99 year-old grandmother’s habit of eating exactly one delicious bite of every food item on her plate, and saying, “I’ve had enough.”

So my stomach warns me, assists  and alerts me, and tells me when to stop. I’m still working on that last one. I’ve begun using smaller plates….

Systematic under-eating IS my goal. I know I’ll have help in the new techniques I  learned last weekend in the wonderful breathing certification class (and our service menu will be updated).

And, over the past decade, I’ve learned to love pure essential oils like peppermint that are well known for allaying the need to eat, eat, eat. If emergencies grip you stomach and shake your physical foundation, you are probably empathic and and sensitive like I am.

Because they are so calming and spiritual, diffusing or inhaling the following essential oils can greatly aid the stomach and digestive system:

  1. balsam fir
  2. lemon
  3. chamomile
  4. rose
  5. galbanum
  6. frankincense
  7. lavender
  8. valerian

These oils are GRAS or Generally Regarded As Safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), except for balsam fir, which is rated as a food additive (how that differs from GRAS is unclear, since both get ingested by the body!).

In pure, undiluted form these oils can also be ingested in vegetable capsules. One or two drops as a start is enough. You may dilute with olive or a vegetable oil if you don’t particularly like the taste or smell. Though it is rather strong galbanum, is officially classified as Flavoring Agent by the FDA, as are valerian and frankincense.

Please share your favorite calming methods below. I’d also like to talk with you about how you’re using essential oils to calm emergencies and prevent the spread of family/school/work upsets. Reach out anytime and I’ll respond within 8 hours if not much sooner.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid