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Focus TODAY Especially Now

This video clip introduces the conversation of Oppression versus Distraction, and is taken from our December 6 online meeting. In it, I emphasize the need to keep the use of holistic tools like essential oils front and center.

We who take responsible steps to improve our lives are constantly assaulted by the barrage of information from media, the Internet and the entertainment industries.

We take a step in the right direction and then our optimism is dashed by the latest news.

Fear Not as the good books say.

I’d add, Be Not Distracted by shiny or bloody objects, however much you feel thempic of earth wind & fire band

The reminder is: Do not veer from the truth of “nature’s living energy” –essential oils and the other energy tools –all gifts– we have been given.

Taken together, they are fully capable of keeping us aligned with Source. From that place, that Focal Point of Origin, all things come. Our peace will too. Keep your head to the sky.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid