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How To Find Your Sun

pic of me and Brian

Grandson has light! (Do not know what toy this was but glad we capture it!)

There’s something that lights you up, that makes you instantly happier. What is it? This is the real you responding to a part of yourself that is awakened whenever you encounter it.

Many articles about the best way to have a good life reference knowing yourself, being happy with who you are, and changing your relationships and working life to reflect your natural disposition.

This You Are Perfect conversation, could  begin with the egg of your mother and its fertilizer, your father’s sperm. Quantum physics has found the real beginning starts way before that in spirit-space, where you are a star, an atomic nebulae of possibilities, generated by a thought.

You may not live like a life-giving sun-star, because you are not in touch with your spirit and its healthy connection to All…

…the reality of your corporeal, earth-bound presence having its origin in space, nothingness or the void; also known as nirvana, shangra-la, valhalla, heaven, paradise, eden, and other words that describe life before or outside of time-space.

Now that you are here, have an appreciation for what your parents/guardians did and gave to bring you up, and have been educated enough to read these words, the onus is on us to remind each other of the sun that we came here to be.

Hence this post.

You find your sun when you discover:

  • what makes your heart sing

  • what makes your mind rest

  • what makes your spirit soar

  • what makes your emotions glad

When I say these things MAKE you feel or be a certain way, this is when you encounter them. Many spiritual teachers say nothing can make you feel a certain way. They advise that you find God within yourself or honor your soul’s longing to be happy.

How to do that is missing. The point is not to control feelings and dig deeper to find God, the point is to expand ways of seeing the world through exposure to yourself in it.

Exposure through creativity, good works and ageless wisdom can reveal your sunny self and indicate how your sun shines.


Exposure to the arts is a powerful way to locate what gladdens you and increases your consciousness of love –and of loving kindness for those creative expressions that do not appeal to you.


Exposure to discipline is a sure-fire way to enhance and exercise the muscle of submission to the All. This is ground cover for “the relaxation response. ” Whether you undertake a hardy work ethic or consistent exercise, martial arts or spiritual practices, the effort is not lost, and the ego becomes quiet and able to listen and learn its true genesis.


Exposure to different cultures is a powerful way to appreciate nuances of your own culture, and to grasp the universal yearnings of the human spirit that are fed by the tribe.

You know you have found your sun when payment, approval and the like are not a concern

The key is enjoyment — losing yourself in the doing as a function of the creativity, work and thriving culture itself.

This losing of yourself is being the shining sun you were sent to be, in alignment with your essence.

By the grace of God it is sunshine that makes the earth green after being parched and lifeless.

By that same grace, it is being an inspired sun that will “make” your world respond and grow towards you, lush, fulfilling and full of happy surprises.

You simply have to expose yourself to and immerse yourself in enough creativity, good works and human understanding to remove any clouds covering your vision.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid