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Loving Sight Unseen Poem

It is this feeling of wealthy health that has me

loving the ground you walk on.


If you knew writing me to love you would make it happen,

would you play a song to play my heart?


I am not given to teaching a man how to treat me.

I much prefer he learn who I am than frustrate my spirit

by holding back and playing Up Next.


As I breathe in the cyberspace where you reside

I am smitten and embarrassed

since we have not ever fleshly met.


In loving living this discovery of you,

I am building a castle in the sky of my dreams

and feeling really easy about it.


It is a feeling of abundant healing that has me

knowing your scent in the air

before I feel you coming.


Sonnet Saturday copyright (c) 2016  Niamo Nancy Muid