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7 M&Ms for Monday

Magic & Metaphysical

This is the M&M we want our lives to be every Monday. Magic — the unexpected is always a delight. Metaphysical — we had an inkling something was going to happen or witnessed it in our mind’s eye, like deja vu. When we are in good body-mind shape, we train our spirit to become devoted to sustaining holistic and above-the-line health.

Male & Men

Of course women are included, or better yet, the womban. She who gestates the reproduction of  all humans is part of ‘he’ nomenclature in English. Male — the gender that provides the serum that fertilizes the egg within the female. Men — a term demanding expansion as women, from feminists to divine feminine advocates, revisit  masculine character and choose co-creation or not.

Maniacal & Menacing

Males who are not yet men tend to act like these M&Ms when imbalanced energy exists.  Whether the female aspect in themselves or their closest relationship with a woman is highlighted, males go to extremes when female power is ignored. Women who care for men owe it to humanity to address this imbalance within families and groups.  Copycat ostracism, bullying and similar behaviors among both boys and girls lead to violence and must be halted.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, as Mission:Impossible’s audio recording stated, is to bring down the maniac in self, men and women; and raise up the magic potential of all three.

Any questions????

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid