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Breathing Certification Class


INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC OF BROOKLYN, NY, 10/16/16. I was honored to be a part of Sekou Ayo Handy-Kendi’s Power of Breath Tour. Sign up soon.

In uncharacteristic fashion, I missed the first morning because it was a Friday and I just knew the class was offered on Saturday and Sunday. I was wrong. So driving in on a Friday from New Jersey (some of you know what that’s like), I arrived after 1:30pm. The group had taken a lunch break so the timing was good.

This allowed me to get settled and re-meet Sister Ayo, who is truly a “sekou” meaning master teacher. We had met in 2012 when she emceed the home-going of my dear mentor Queen Mother Dorothy “Aurevouche” Benton Lewis. So meeting her felt like a reunion to me.

It didn’t take long to fit right in once my classmates returned from lunch. Thirteen of us submitted to the breath and learned the meaning, importance and different cultural attributes of this great gift. We learned so much and grew in our bond with one another.

This class was stunning and the venue, the Kosmon Center located across from Medgar Evers College, was awesome.

I had to recover for a whole day afterward, and I know it was because I didn’t drink enough water before, during and after the course as advised. My day of recovery included deep breath9ing and H2O intake!

This occurred because I was in The BK, and longed for the roti of my Trinidadian heritage. My classmate Aisha directed me to a shop on Nostrand Avenue, where I ordered and afterward at the best fish roti on roti-spinach wrap ever.

And washed it down with pretty good homemade sorrel.

These two food items were my “icing on the cake” of a truly powerful two days of learning and breathing for optimum health.

I will never, henceforth, underestimate the power of breath. Neither should you.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

 Newly Certified Breathologist (#85)


As you may know, credentials of the HealMobile driver include Reiki Master Teacher, Clinical Aromatherapist, Holistic Health Counselor and Spiritual Counselor. I’ll be incorporating breathwork into every facet of HealMobile offerings and training.