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Depressed Feelings Can Drive You Crazy

If you’re feeling so low you want to go bezerk, or just lie down and sleep for 24 hours when you really want to be up and “cracking,” you may be depressed. I am not a psychologist but a God-centered person here to help sufferers relieve their buried feelings.

How? At the holistic health entry level, Free Your Feelings is a service that offers access and a way to explore the conscious and nonconscious emotions you may be bumping up against.

If you need a referral to a different level of supporter, I have no problems referring you to the appropriate person.

FYF is uniquely suited to help those of you who keep pressing on and pushing, instead of pulling over on the service road to stop and take a good look at how you’re driving your life. Feeling depressed can be a form of overwhelm.

Depressed Energy from Oppression

I recently watched a video by Dr. Boyce Watkins, titled: 5 Stressors of Black Men. I got “depressed” just watching it, because Dr. Watkins was a perfect example of what excessive stress and overwhelm can do.

He ranted and raved. Kicked to the curb. Stuck his chest out and even boasted about his qualifications to speak as he did. He declared he was crazy. I began to wonder if he forgot about the five stressors. His preamble lasted about 25 minutes.

Finally he got to it. (I had to watch the near-end of the video one more time in order to provide you with his list.) Black men are stressed by:

  1. money and finances 2. race and racism 3. jobs and career 4. relationships and family 5. health and illness.*

Every one of these factors stress and depress black men AND women. Dr. Watkins confirmed this as well on the video. If police brutality affects the black man negatively, you can be sure the black woman is affected even more, due to the loss and trauma befalling her son, man or brother.

Money & Depression are Related But Neither One Is God

The first three stressors are basically the same. African descendants, male and female, are stressed by the fact that U.S. society simply will not accept them socially or economically.

Meanwhile, relationships and health, the last two stressors, wreak havoc because of the tactics necessary to survive the first three stressors.

Maybe the solution lies in the knowingness I spoke of in another post. If you know people don’t want to play fair, work with you or support your advancement on a level playing field, can you choose another reaction besides being depressed?

Of course you can, and most of us do.

However, the fact is that your personal power is sapped by oppression. You cannot thrive under the mushroom cloud of poisonous thinking, ever hyper-aware of what others think of you.

I’m here to remind you that the unseen, invisible hand of comeuppance, judgment, and healthy balance is much bigger than the grubby fingers of those who wish you harm.

When the puppeteer called Truth arrives, lying Pinocchios get pushed offstage, every time. And we all know your personal truth can indeed set you free.

I’m available to help you to ascertain whether your stressors and depressed feelings can be transformed. Let’s see if we can find new names for what you’re feeling, so you can get back on track and be on purpose.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

*The list is from http://reclaimourstrength.com. You can download their infographic for free.

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