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3 Ways Your Personal Rhythm Helps Your Life

A motion photo of my beautiful cousin on her wedding day captures both high rhythm and high frequency.

There is a rhythm to the universe and some of us are very tuned into it. We call it “flow” and “let it be,” “being in sync” and “all in divine time.”

Your personal rhythm is an indicator of the best way to heal your challenges. It becomes “off” if you feel confronted or something lowers your holistic energy frequency (discussed here).*

Children, healthy elders, and the newly in love express high frequency with ease. They are completely attuned to their rhythm in the moment. Nothing good is impossible in this state of being, because their rhythm is in agreement with Spirit/God/Oneness to function at optimum.

Personal rhythm expresses the ebb-and-flow or wave energy of your holistic wellness, body-mind-spirit. Here are three ways your rhythm can ride the waves, ebbs and flows of life situations.

Rhythms’ Ways and Means

  1. Time of birth: Your best times to accomplish important work will be two to three hours before and after the time you were born. When I discovered this, I understood why I finally got going at work when it was pretty close to the day’s end. I was born after 8pm.

2. Let’s say you “operate” by jumping right into new situations or compiling research and data before you make a decision. This reflects how you work with others, and how your instincts define your contribution to the world. The Kolbe A Index is a scale of the operative flow or rhythm you bring to the social sphere. Taking this test was a boon to my inner-standing.

3. You know you must “let go and let God,” but how or when? You may read scripture or recite affirmations in the morning, or review accomplishments and forgive yourself for mistakes at night.

You may even pray five times a day and/or awaken at dawn to meditate or commune with the universe, God or Spirit. Upsets and setbacks will still occur because, being human, you are actually made of the ebbs and flows affecting all earth material.

When life seems overwhelming, Esther Hicks offers the Placemat Method, a simple grid to smooth life over when it seems too much to bear.

Use the reverse side of the placemat if you must!

Placemat Technique for Determining Rhythm

a) Get a blank sheet of paper (or restaurant paper placemat, hence its name). Create a grid with a line down the middle and one line across the top about one inch down.

b) Label the left side, “What I will do today” and the right side, “What the Universe will do today.” Use language to suit your style: “My To-Do Today;” “Let God Handle This,” etc.

c) Now list what you know you can handle today under the left heading. List on the other side the things you want for God or the universe to handle.

The idea is to recognize you cannot do it all and your natural flow is disrupted when you try to. Relaxation is key, and when you even think about A-Z things to do, you unnecessarily upset yourself.

However, if you try this method, joy just may be discovered. You may feel more like yourself, in sync and rhythmically in tune, because your energy is high. You’ll also happily note that the universe handled or gave indications of handling its to-do list. OR you let go, and it’s no longer an issue.

When & How Are Not Your Problem

Notice how the “when” and the “how” are taken care of with these techniques.

Knowing when you are most productive during the day or night is important.

Being aware of your best ways of contributing who you are, including rhythmically, is important.

Finally, relaxing because you take the time to assign tasks to your doer self and higher Self, is very important.

Need help discovering your personal rhythm? If you are interested in relaxation techniques that are best for how you flow, let me know by suggesting a consultation time.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

*There are many ways to increase energetic frequency, including using essential oils; doing Reiki, Tapping and Aroma Freedom; eating live foods and super foods, and more. Please use the search box to find more posts, etc., on Frequency.