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7 Meditation Tips for Improving Results and Mood

Feeling beautiful in my post-meditative mood.

It seems almost everyone has meditation tips for reducing stress, improving decisions and enhancing mood.

You can read books, talk to friends and instructors, even attach yourself to a guru to learn more and get good at meditating. However, there’s always more to learn about “the life of the mind.” I am still learning new things, even after decades of doing it.

The HealMobile proclaims you are a vehicle for self-healing and self-generation — to move your life forward! Meditation is therefore the “idling” activity of choice.

Meditation Is Not Only Stillness

Most people think the practice is sitting quietly and removing all thoughts from the mind. This is partly true. Meditation is primarily focus combined with calm, and therein lies the vast treasure of its meaning and value.

If when meditating you have encountered resistance of your mind, body or emotions, then you must also embrace that YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH.

Resistance looks like the “monkey mind” chattering away, your body not feeling comfortable, or the nagging feeling that you should be doing something else. Here are tips for improving your experience so that you get what you really need from it.

  1. Breathe from your diaphragm
  2. Allow your mind to visual OR imagine
  3. Don’t be fooled by your eyes
  4. Note that the body talks
  5. Store the Things-To-Do list
  6. Do seek an answer
  7. Use just one word

7 Meditation Tips Explained, #1 – #4

Breathe Deeply. You can actually breathe into several cavities within your body, not just your lungs. The lower stomach is thought of as a central vortex or energy spiral of your entire person. Take slow breaths, in an out, to this spot.

Visualize or Imagine. A good audio or video can lead you aright. Note that different teachers use different methods. Stick with one until you’ve grasped their technique and made it your own. Start at 4-5minutes and work your way towards spending longer time.

To visualize, try to see a picture or guided meditation image. To imagine, use additional senses to grasp a memory or concept. Typically, the eyes are not “at work” in the same way as when you visualize.

Eyes Have IT. Despite eyes being closed (usually), there may be too much blinking, people’s faces, and darting here and there. Remedy: Focus eyes at the top of the eye socket, then to the left, bottom, and right, in a slow circular pattern. When tired, rest the eyes on the nose bridge or third eye (mid-forehead). This equates to tensing the body to better drift off to sleep.

Body Language. The more you still the mind, the more the body will talk. (Especially the older and/or less exercised you are!) Pick up on cues that may relate to physical issues you have when active. Massage the areas afterward. If pings and minor tugs or pressure are ongoing, investigate with your health professional.

7 Meditation Tips Explained, #5 – #7

To-Do List. The best ideas will come up, but you can’t follow through! Just bless them, one by one. Say thank-you, as if a friend is sharing their bright idea. Only half-listen, because you are “at work.” The persistent ideas will re-emerge eventually.

Seek Answers. One of the reasons I delay meditation is because I want to figure something out. I think I don’t have time to sit still and focus inward. Life demands action and a response now. Eventually, I realize that my issue may be resolved if I’d only be quiet within. Sound familiar?

One Word Works. It could be Love. Or Ma’at. Or Confidence. I like “Praise God” when nothing else comes to mind. That’s two words. You get the idea. And you’ve heard of OM (aka aum). The brilliance of meditation is you will resolve so many aspects of your life when you concentrate like this.

In sum, silently Be-ing and speaking into the vacuum of mental space afford by meditation can one day become a spiritual practice. Definitely use any of these meditation tips in your efforts to be harmonized, body-mind-spirit. Soon you’ll be managing your mind with such clarity that you’ll be amazed.

To be clear, meditation is a form of being “at work.” You can do it sitting, lying down, riding around, shopping, exercising, etc. As one of the best forms of self-sufficiency, the discipline will positively affect your “real” work or job, and the elevation of your mood will be obvious to all that know you.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

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