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Cold Season!

The moderator at African American therapists shares these tips on how to prepare for the cold(er) season of winter. You can still you these ideas if you reside in a warmer area, since nature has a way of letting herself be known through hurricanes, tornados and more, and comfort techniques are always good! 

People come in hacking and struggling, miserable because they can barely breathe, so we are always interested in what is and isn’t working for them. Understand that every body is different, so some things work for some body types and not for others. Here’s the summary of the natural (mostly) and good old fashioned “Mama’s” remedies: (Consult your doctor)

Photo courtesy oneluckysoul.blogspot.com

Photo courtesy oneluckysoul.blogspot.com


Chicken soup – Really!  Scientific research has now revealed that  a substance obtained from cooking chicken bones into a broth has high immune value. Just throw a couple of pieces of chicken into a pot of water with onion (more immune power), celery & parsley, add a little salt & pepper to taste & cook until the meat is done all the way through. It’s good to have some in the freezer & ready.  Can’t do? Try a little Egg Drop soup at your local Chinese  takeout. Canned chicken soup is helpful but the salt content in most canned soups is really high. You don’t want to add to your problems.

The little tangerine! I keep a bowl of clementines around during cold season. Just eat a couple of these and they seem to help even more than the chicken soup. There is something in them that works far better than oranges for colds for many people.

Photo courtesy futurederm.com

Photo courtesy futurederm.com

CoQ-10. This supplement is said to increase your ability to get oxygen to your cells. It’s also taken to improve heart health.

The neti pot.  Oprah introduced the neti pot to the public, raving about what it does for her sinuses. Clients have tried it and they rave, too. You can find neti pots now at most drug stores, Whole Foods markets and many other grocery stores.

Photo courtesy rkvc.net

Photo courtesy rkvc.net

Zinc. This mineral is very helpful when you are troubled by inflammation of the sinuses and throat. We think germs don’t like zinc. Zinc is a necessary mineral and can be purchased at low cost from most grocery & health food stores.  These are zinc pills with no sugar base as is the case with zinc lozenges. Viruses grow on sugar, so you don’t want to feed the organisms that you are fighting. Many people diagnosed with ADHD are thought to be deficient in zinc.

Epsom Salt bath. People think of epsom salt baths as good for aches and pains and muscle inflammation.  Many folks report that it seems to draw “the yuckies” out of the body and clear up the sinuses when they have the flu or a bad cold. Look for the epsom salt that has magnesium.  For external use only. Follow the directions on the package.

Image courtesy glutenfreelifesaver-blogg-no

Image courtesy glutenfreelifesaver-blogg-no. Click here for a heavenly lavender bath.

Check out some of the natural cough syrups. They can be very soothing and helpful without adding the stimulant ephedrine which some people have trouble with.

In addition to these tips, I’ll add that colds, flu, chills and fever are the body’s perfect way of ridding itself of the unnecessary. Excess gets expelled “by whatever means necessary”!  

Adequate rest, exercise and green foods have to be increased, especially around the holidays. Support your immune system with the best nutrients and supplements you can (organic, grown or produced near where you live, etc.).

Include your favorite, pure, wake-up essential oils, such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary, and be sure to diffuse and well as inhale. I can also offer you supplements, vitamins, lozenges and snacks that include essential oils.

Whatever you choose to do, pray over it.

Let’s talk about your options soon.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


Disclaimer: The HealMobile loves nature’s living energy and is dedicated to improving lives using the earth’s best energetic techniques, such as meridian tapping, spiritual healing energy, and uncut essential oils. However, our services and information are not substitutes for medical or psychological diagnosis or prescription, nor do we recommend treatment, caring for or cure of any disease. See a doctor or mental health professional for long-standing conditions, and share with him or her your interest in exploring the self-care techniques mentioned on this website.