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Coaching–5 ways it’s not for you

pic of Trinibago curry goat at family reunion

Trinibago curry goat at family reunion

  1.  On the thought of it, you waffle. Up and down, yes and no. I think I’m ready; no, I know I’m not. Your thought about needing a coach to help navigate your health terrain must be clear and positive.
  2. An immediate crisis isn’t over. A challenge consumes you or a loved one in your care, and it’s occupying your mind-body-spirit. All your energy is there, so complete that.
  3. You prefer do-it-yourself (DIY) guidance, which has worked for you before. Be blessed with DIY. It has worked for many….
  4. You fear yourself — that is, your personal power — and won’t/can’t admit it.  There are mirror exercises and a song by Michael Jackson that address just this!.
  5. You fear your loved ones’ opinions and feedback. You might get your feelings hurt by “what they might say.” You actually “fear of being judged” by them (making them divine and perfect).


Coaching guidance includes Rev. Niamo’s own HealMobile brand of spiritual counseling and patient appreciation for where you are on your life trajectory.

After assessing what’s best for you, your sessions and support may include any of the following:

AFT, EFT (tapping), Reiki (video), Phoenix Foot Bath (foot detox), anointing, guided meditation, metaphysical overview of who you are in the world.