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Your Journey into Self

I’m reading this book that is really a hand-holding guide to self-assurance. It’s called Your Journey Into Self: A Return To Yourpic of Sayy's book True Self and it’s written by Sayy W. Pauly, a dear friend and spiritual leader to all who know her.

It’s available on Amazon as well as on her website. I give it four stars.

Sayy recently published a journal to go along with the book, just as I was saying to myself, “This book is so beautiful I don’t want to write in it.”

Quite a few people told her that so she made her business decision to add the journal to the book package.

The journal is also in paperback and has lots of space to write about what you’re going through. The beauty of book and journal, with mandala artwork also by Sayy, designed to help you focus and meditate

In one of her exercises she has you choose words that give insight into what you think, feel and believe about yourself and your vision and mission in life.

Since the HealMobile is holistic, involving 360 degrees of the mind-body-spirit-emotional health, we can take this word as an example. In holistic I have found:

  1. chit
  2. coils
  3. cost
  4. hilt
  5. hoist
  6. host
  7. hots
  8. ish
  9. list
  10. loch
  11. lost
  12. lots
  13. shot
  14. silt
  15. slit
  16. slot
  17. stoic
  18. tics
  19. toils

These words give me LOADS of ideas about who I am, what I offer, how best to help people, and whether I’m on the right track. There are even words pertaining to the body I wouldn’t print here, because YES I was raised right! 

I’m going to use the book to help design the essential-oils-freedom technique webinar my teammates and I are working on (see 8/20 post).

Suffice to say I think you should pick up this book pronto. A week ago Sayy said she would be mailing the journal along with the book for free. Don’t know how long that will last.

AND Sayy originally offered a one-hour FREE CONSULTATION if you purchased the book from her site. This offer can change at any time.

I happen to know she offered it before she printed the journals to go along with the book. So, RUN and get the consultation gratis while you can — details are on her website.