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9 Ways to Express Independence

July Fourth. U.S. Day of Independence. My father Conrad Clare’s day of birth in 1925. As I grew older I called him a Maroon. These fabled and quite real escapees from enslavement took to the hills on Jamaica and other islands. Couldn’t be caught. Couldn’t be tamed. Did it their way.

independence-- daughter and granddad

daughter and granddad, my father

I’ve always cherished pictures of Dad and my godfather in the mountains camping (will post when found). His final days were spent in the house he built on some acres in upstate New York. My favorite song that matches his spirit is Horace Silver’s “Song for My Father,” sung with stunning yodeling by Leon Thomas. “So I’d be unafraid…and free.”

Here are some ways you can express independence on this important day of reminder.

INDEPENDENCE as a Way of Life

  1. Grow food
  2. Make clothes
  3. Teach your children yourself
  4. Do Reiki, qigong, taijichuan, capoeira, aikido, ki energy, pranic healing, and/or martial arts.
  5. Know and play a favorite instrument
  6. Ride a bicycle
  7. Control “a piece of the rock” (home, tent, tipi, lodge, warehouse, studio, etc.)
  8. BE your Higher Self (able to BE anywhere)
  9. Praise/Give Thanks/Appreciate God of your understanding

Do at least three of these nine things and you are already a role model for the young and old in your community.  You will radiate above the line health as you express these independence ways of being.

We could add one more: Take your time.  We never stop learning from each other.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid



Since I’m traveling to Guyana sometime this year, I’d love to connect with my grandfather’s relatives with the surname Clare. Anyone know of possible connections, please share! Thank you.

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