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9 Energy Lessons in Loving Living

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Maybe we all could use a few energy lessons in loving the act of living. Do you feel marked by misfortune — your body doesn’t support you, your mind has a mind of its own, your soul and heartfelt feelings betray you?

You may be ready for an energy reset and the good news is, you have choices. I know you appreciate your life and try to be grateful for the good things that have happened to you. But if notice a quiet sadness or feeling of resignation, it may be time to look at how much you really love your life.

9 Energy Lessons (Action Resets):

Niame — Rename your circumstance until it suits you. You may have “lost” a job, but you knew it was time for a change and life obeyed that thought.

Praise — Thank your Creator/body-mind-spirit for allowing you to be conscious of what’s going on, knowing there’s a good reason for it.

Master — Ace the part you have a good handle on, revel in it and expand your perception of mastery beyond your talent or skill. If you’re good here, you’re probably good somewhere else.

Unify — Gather yourself by thought, word and deed, so confusion is mitigated and you fully grasp the facts of the situation or condition.

Ask — Get the information you need to make informed decisions. Energetically this is like lighting a match to start a fire.

Receive — Be prepared to accept the shifts, turns, and changes that are for the better, even if dressed in scratchy clothing.

Push — Use the above principles for loving living to get at the core; “put in work” until the it is done and you can say you did your best.

Expand — Take the lesson of your setback, illness, situation to a new level. The lesson is something you know –how to avoid or lessen its impact– and can teach others about it.

Energy Lesson Reset

I suggest you use the nine energy lessons to reset your love barometer. I’m saying these are some ways to keep outside pressure (on your happiness) as low as you can. Otherwise there will be thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes, and we don’t want that!

Your reset can include Reiki, aromatherapy, tapping or another modality. The list is pretty long of ways you can energize or accelerate self-healing, just be taking steps toward a better perspective.

That wider, more open perspective means an improved and more positive outlook. This positivity is not just affirming life is rosy, it is a frame of mind that declares yourself whole, complete and able, despite how physical reality appears.

If you have a mind to think it, your state of mind can extend its influence into reality.

You will improve your rate of recovery from illness, notice the uptick in attitude and getting work done, and become present to how people and situations no longer upset you.

You’ll be loving living and enjoying your return to a harmonious state of being and state of mind, both of which match the possibility you had envisioned. Grace be upon you.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid