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10 Techniques to Embrace Abrupt Change


The forecast is Abrupt Change (AC). Nothing will change except the energetic altitude of your attitude. It can be high or low, your choice. Here are 10 steps to take when confronted by an Abrupt Change in this time of constant AC:

1. Take each abrupt change really slowly; ascertain if it is a true emergency.
2. If not, consider how your life actually changes because of it. Note the pros and cons.
3. Stay in the Present, or else you’ll compare today’s AC to “that time when…” and get your panties in a bunch (become anxious, fearful, doubtful and otherwise emotional).
4. Don’t ignore the Past, but affirm Life (that is, obey your teacher who really knows) this way:

a) Admit misunderstanding a past AC, and

b) look closely at, acknowledge, and appreciate what you missed AND gained.

5. Love the knowledge and wisdom (and therefore freedom) that appreciation of the Past gives you.
6. Embrace the perfection of this knowledge; you are recognizing your own perfection as a vulnerable human.

bad weather abrupt change

ABRUPT CHANGE for changing YOU

7. Now it’s time to revisit today’s AC. Ask yourself:

a) What action is required?

b) Listen closely to the answer or look intently — shut your eyes if you think in pictures.

c) Expect the unexpected, and the simply obvious. An answer may be right in front of you, confirming what you knew all along.

pic of board mtg re abrupt change

8. Consult your heart before changing your mind.
9. Use the nonlinear mind –the mind of your heart– to inspire the linear (rational) mind. Now you can respond to the Abrupt Change by following step 7: Ask, Listen, Confirm.

10. Act on what you’ve confirmed. You can reward yourself for fully vetting this abrupt change in your life.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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