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9 Critical Reasons To Be Healthy

pic of healthy politicians outside of dollar store

Healthy and happy? They don’t come cheap. Owning a dollar store meant a lot to me, but I realized my happiness and health had to be self generated. 

A healthy lifestyle has to be at the top of your agenda, especially as the seasons change. If it is not, everyone who knows you may suffer–not just you. Here are the critical reasons why:

  1. Monsanto
  2. Vaccinations
  3. EMFs
  4. Medical error
  5. Politics
  6. Grandchildren and their grands
  7. Spirituality
  8. Freedom
  9. EASE


Agricultural multinationalism, or agribusiness, runs your life and RUINS your life. Monsanto is the biggest culprit. They patent seeds! Almost everything you eat is patented as a genetically modified organism (GMO) or sprayed with pesticides. In the U.S., corn and soy are almost 100% GMO. Proof of the horrendous health effects and even birth defects due to pesticide and GMO overuse continues to mount. If you haven’t heard, visit the library or Google or YouTube the situation.

What to do? Buy foods that proclaim their ingredients are NOT GMO. Purchase local and organic foods or grow your own food. Wash vegetables and fruits you’re uncertain of and cook your meals as much as possible. Eat superfoods and supplements to bolster your health.

Healthy Vaccinations?

You may not have seen the “Truth About Vaccinations” videos, or heard about the documentary “VAXXED.” But you may well know the side effects, because of your own child’s reaction to being vaccinated. Conventional medicine is great for Emergency Care and Surgery, but it’s methods of prevention leave a lot to be desired. Be sure you and your family never become victims or guinea pigs.


Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are chaotic frequencies, not harmonic ones that the human body needs. Cell phone towers, flying metal birds (airplanes), fiber optics and other wiring do make modern life easier. Yet life would be safer and simpler without them. Research it and invest in EMF blockers like crystals, orgone and other ways to reduce EMF stressors.

Medical Error

Mistakes made by physicians and hospital personnel may be the THIRD largest cause of American deaths every year. No one wants to be a statistic, even if emergency services are timely and necessary. Stay healthy so you can be an asset to your family if and when something happens.

healthy dollar store pic with politicians

Elizabeth, New Jersey politicians and community leaders.


You have to be healthy because your mental clarity and physical fitness are needed as a citizen of wherever you live. If ill, you are less likely to be “on top of” community issues. You’re less available to work with powers-that-be or to be a power-broker yourself to effect change.

Grandkids (Bonus Children)

Grandchildren and the generations to come need you to function well, no matter what your age at this time. Your health destiny is intertwined because–

  • When you keep up with them, they are your second wind.
  • They learn by watching you, therefore practice what you preach.
  • YOUR health matters “down the line” in terms of DNA and genes.
  • Even if the DNA-gene is not present, your effect on bonus children of your extended family and neighborhood is immeasurable.  Be conscious of it.


A spiritual mindset and affiliation with like-minded people helps you stay healthy and keeps you on track. Spirituality–

  • Removes any doubt that life has meaning.
  • Increases your sense of purpose and connection.
  • Strengthens the third eye for more aligned decision-making.
  • Lets you observe the consequences of losing the connection (addiction, depression, dis-ease)
  • Keeps possibility of “self-healing in focus.


Eat off your own land, work for yourself, take care of your family, manage time, physical needs, and challenges as they arise–these are features of independent living. Sound like fantasy? They are instead ways to be truly FREE. You’ve got to be healthy to enjoy freedom.


Ease is a state of relaxation, the opposite of a state of agitation. The first five reasons above–dealing with Monsanto, Vaccinations, EMFs, Medical Error and Politics–will rob your health and stress you out.

If your stress develops into dis-ease, you will feel shut down and “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” as Fannie Lou Hamer said. With good, above-the-line health, however, there will be EASE of movement, energy, and an upwards swing towards homeostasis (balance).

Ease assists the experience of Grandchildren (or Generations To Come), Spirituality and Freedom. These reasons help you approach the more stress-inducing reasons in a positive and empowered way.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


Know more about how you “do” healthy. Consult me today about relaxation and inner explorations of what’s going on with you, using Reiki, essential oils (Aroma Freedom Technique) or Tapping