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Oils for Peace Meditation

peace is knowing you're right! I imagine mother saying...

Peace is knowing you’re right! …I imagine mother saying…

This Oils for Peace Meditation is a “Push” conversation. (my other site is 9principles.org)

The peace oils and greenery/earth matter are frankincense, rose, amber, vetiver, fennel and anise seed. Add yours in the comments!

Many think that the flip side of peace is war, but i think it’s Being With What Is. Peace for me is a reaction to negativity. To be peaceful means I have attained a calmed down state of being as a result of exhausting hard work or challenging maybe even war-like relationships or situations. Peace comes after the push of life causes me to expand. Push is one of my nine Principles for Loving Living.

You might say, Why can’t we all get along? This was Rodney King’s question after the rebellion in Los Angeles. The reason I think we cannot get along is because we don’t want to get to know the other. As humans, many of us are afraid of groups that are different from our own. We actually think that knowing them will mean we are absorbed by them and will therefore lose ourselves. (Sound familiar?)

So, instead of getting to know one another, we push against whatever we imagine about the other. We fight for the right to stay as we are, unaffected and uninfluenced by the other group’s “personality,” if you will.


All this also occurs within our own mind–as least it does for me. There is a Niamo that wishes to do A and a Niamo that wishes to do B. Both are fine, and still, I can’t be in more than one place at a time. I cannot be two different people with two different attitudes and ideas about life and choices.

This is a quintessential quandary of two astrology signs—Pisces and Gemini, the up-down fish and the twin mentalities. I have both prominent in my chart, although my sun is Leo.

It is easy for me to understand others’ point of view and feel for them in their pain or their joy. The challenge is turning that ease of understanding onto myself, and realizing my twoness is a statement about the condition of our world.

I don’t have to be in two places at once, or entertain/inner-tain two opposing ideas at once. The embrace of all aspects of myself instead means I reflect and represent it all. The anger and rage. The fear and misunderstanding. This is not about me at all.

“As I embrace all aspects of myself, including rage and fear, what is available for the transformation of the universe?” is the 2017 query of the International Black Summit. I’ve mentioned it in several posts on The HealMobile blog (please use Search to find).

“Transformation towards peace” is how I am reading it right now. The butterfly struggles out of the chrysalis and there is such beauty when this work is completed.


The cocoon we U.S.-based earthlings currently inhabit is experiencing war, rage, dis-ease and acts of God. We, as a human race collective, could be judged “unhappy.” However, each of us can find the harmony within and express it outwards, externally. This is the meaning of “pay it forward.”

When I called Vision Carrier Rev. Deborah the other day, she paid it forward when I asked, How are you?

“I’m…happy” was her considered response, and I got the gift of it.

There is a route to feeling happy and having it contribute to transforming the world.

Here’s the route I’m taking: Viewing myself as Other. This allows me to embrace my whole Niamo self  “as one” despite perspectives that stand apart or confront. They seem opposing because they are different. Yet when I entertain and listen for the value points of difference, I ALWAYS find points of convergence.

Enter the Divine Feminine ideal. The mother-mind tells me to give myself time to pick apart, digest, and fully assimilate those ideas and thoughts that seem foreign. The womb-digestion connection is pertinent here, because one creates and the other intakes and discards as necessary. (This occurs in an instant, eventually.)


I suggest each of us do this interior work on ourselves. Then we can do it in our relationships, in our family and neighborhood groups, and in our towns, cities, states and countries.

This is the work of just BEing with difference, and making a difference because you CAN be with it. In my world, transformation from internal war to internal peace occurs after BEing with the mother-mind, digestion, and healing thoughts-of-love process.

No, you do not have Divine Feminine consciousness without healing thoughts of love. By the way, Divine Masculine is already present. No person, place or thing is avoidable. Noticing our oneness, seeking bigger and reaching higher, is my suggested response to the challenges of human difference.

For each and every human being, therefore, peace, gentleness, and the rest that comes after hard work happens on the microscopic, inner-work level (it’s how healing happens). Peace, gentleness and rest can also manifest externally in all departments of life, if you let them. This IS the promise. BE with that.

For me, I declare that BEing the peace after mother-minding my business has reduced opposition to a swarm of butterflies. Yes, they flutter in the stomach, get released by my breathing deeply, and finally they fly. I expand when I witness their beauty and therein lies my peace. How about you?

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


As I was writing the last paragraph, a fly flew into my left eye! Everything has meaning! I had just closed the car door and this fly (fruit fly?) wanted out. I immediately opened the door and wiped my eye, but it still felt like there was something in it. Pulling down my lower lid revealed the fly-in-the (eye)-ointment. It was black and balled up; less than an eighth of an inch in size.

Disgusted, I used my nail to remove it. An additional dark spot of its matter also required removal. Now the lower half of the eye (sclera) is reddened and still watery to get out the last of it. I will get over this.

Would that our adversaries could be as simply removed. So, life won’t always be lemons made into lemonade; it may be fruit flies transformed into mulch! Open the door and removal (due to invasion of personal space) gives me new thoughts about how to have peace, for another post certainly. Meanwhile, time for Young Living’s Envision™ and Joy™ essential oil blends!

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