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Top 10 Reasons To Join Young Living


Actually, there are many more reasons given in this video.

However, to outline the top 10 reasons to maintain your above-the-line-health with Young Living Essential Oils, they are:

  1. The proprietary Seed to Seal™ manufacturing process of essential oils is controlled 100% by YLEO.
  2. There are over 500 products* to choose from.
  3. Products are created with prayer, love, and the intention to HEAL LIVES.
  4. YLEO grows its own plants to distill oils and has seven corporate farms in the U.S. and several partner farms in Europe, Asia and Australia.
  5. YL’s Wellness, Purpose and Abundance mindset provides a home-based business plan for entrepreneurs.
  6. Driven by consumer demand, YL products are a whole-life, natural solution promoting LIFESTYLE CHANGES that can dramatically improve public health.
  7. Members who choose to build a business can participate in planting, distilling and recognition trips to Ecuador, France, Croatia, Canada, etc.
  8. The founder, D. Gary Young, is an expert in the field of essential oils; with his wife co-founder Mary Young and their two boys, the Youngs are guinea pigs for YL products, using them on themselves in development and testing.
  9.  Oils and oil-infused products can be purchased retail online, or wholesale through a distributor like me!
  10. No other essential oils company uses their oils to create excellent beauty, skincare, personal care, oral care, pantry, weight-loss, men’s health, women’s health, vitamins and supplements, and immune-supporting products, as does Young Living.

Whatever your holistic health interest or burning health question or issue, give me a call or text (201) 966-1170.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

*Elsewhere I mention 600 products –so that hyperbole is now corrected.