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Thanks and Healing

Démien and Roxy (Rodriguez) DeSandies

Démien and Roxy (Rodriguez) DeSandies

Thank you, healing family. Thank you, healing spirit-mind-body! As we all heal and say our thank-yous, the USA is a healing work in progress and as great as WE make it.* Thank you for progress.

We are one, and parts of lots of molecular family units. In the spirit of

Auntie Rita

Auntie Rita

giving thanks for breath, life, the season of hibernation death AND the ability to appreciate, I ask each of you to reach out to extended family this week, and for all time.

These are people you grew up with, the aunties and uncles unrelated by blood but related by circumstance and totally owned. This is your clan.

The past week has been very busy. I attended a funeral and a wedding. The funeral was near Jamaica, Queens, NY and the wedding was in Montego Bay, Jamaica. JAH-MEK-YA is how the Rastas sometimes say it.

And how can I forgot the town hall meeting in Newark for the Institute of the Black World’s State of the Black World conference?  I only had time to dash in and out, but was glad to reconnect with my sisters and brothers before takeoff the next morning to JA. 

Jah-mek-ya. I’m feeling quite well made at this time.

I’m giving thanks to God for my “nuclear” and extended family and friends I embrace as sisters, brothers, aunties and uncles, and just family. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. I couldn’t help myself or others without your lessons of growth, healing and love.

Thank you!

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

Essential oil blends that remind me to stay present to the gift of family include Hope, Gratitude, Surrender, Gathering, Humility, Grounding and Awaken. Most of these contain frankincense, fir or spruce, and ylang ylang.  Learn more about all of them.

*See the a Nine Principles for Loving Living post about “real” healing, blogged about here.