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4 Solutions for Resolving Health Confusion

Without any ado, here they are:

  1. Banish emotional negativity
  2. Seriously relax
  3. Know your purpose
  4. Expect miracles and divine coincide-dance


Get rid of the fears of the origin of your health issue. Stop thinking about where you went wrong. If you feel sad and burdened, realize that to have such a challenge is universal. No human being does not experience it. Replace negativity with thoughts of kindness about this beautiful soul-mind-body, YOU,  that is being required to slow down and take better care.


Start monthly or weekly massages. Use the sauna and steam room at your gym. Take long baths with epsom salts and/or use the pounding feature on the shower head. Take longer to prepare yourself to meet the world. Force yourself to walk or drive slower. Take a yoga class, tai chi, qigong or meditation class that helps you to seriously let-go and un-haunch those shoulders. Start breathing much more slowly and deeply into the belly.


Return to the way you felt about yourself as a child. What is the dream you had; the vision that made you smile? Now look at how you are living day-to-day. Is there evidence of your earlier sense of self? If you’re already in touch with your life purpose, notice its alignment with your health challenge. Whether unaligned, paused or off-track, consider your purpose only enhanced by the way you handle and be with the challenge.


Everything is in control. No matter the spiritual path or religion, this is a principle of life. Situations are happening, unfolding, and springing up just as they are supposed to. Once you cultivate an assurance that “never a dull moment” is a state of life, you can expect surprises, unpredictable results and miracles. Shifts in your perception of the reality of your health challenge will occur just as they do in your work, love, or family relationships. How you see your challenge and expect the unexpected are turns of the key to encouraging a perfect resolution of your issue to present itself, be it of divine origin or due to steps you or a physician take (which are both the same thing…).


–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid