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7 Reasons to Retire Early

This is a message for people who may want to stop their day-to-day grind and are reconsidering their future. They’ve put in five to 10 or so years and are looking at options beyond the 401K or 503B retirement or pension program.

The main reasons to retire early is holistic health –mind-body-emotions-spirit–  and the prospect of a long, wealthy life filled with contentment and tranquility rather than things.

If you’re not giving your whole self to the workplace wholeheartedly, and Why should I continue this? has become a nagging question, you should consider retiring early and here are the top seven reasons why:

  1. You’re tired of the routine, bored and feel unfulfilled
  2. You love the job; just can’t stand the people
  3. It’s dawning on you –this job/office environment, team or management– is making you sick and stressed
  4. You’re trading away your time because you have to make ends meet
  5. Your relationships are breaking down; your loved ones don’t understand you
  6. You have 2-5 years left to get full or near-full salary and benefits
  7. You really do want to try living by doing/expressing your passion in life, the one you buried years ago to take this good job

For starters, you are not treated right on the job BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT TREATING YOURSELF RIGHT.

When you put yourself first in terms of marketability, you realize there are other ways to love living, and maybe you can try a new way, too.

This is part of self-healing and self-growth. You have much more going for you than you think.

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Apply all you’ve learned on your job and in your life to making your dream come true. My suggestion is to get started this way.


–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid