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2 Proofs, 3 Tips–Take Time for Your Health Destiny

Despite appearances, you can attract the health destiny you deserve.

As we head into what seems like destiny end zone, the choices of life are suddenly just two. You are either going to be happy with life, or opt for continuous, hardworking discontent.

There are two proofs of this. First is the coronavirus that defied easy healing in 2019 and became Covid-19, and second is the 5G system of global internet-icism that is considered blameworthy by many.

The premise I begin with is THOUGHT leads to behavior, health and lifestyle itself. Deeds, whether automatic, from habits or intentional, are scattered or initiated along the byways of the thoughts.

Beginning here, standing in this noticing of the power of THOUGHT, I see most of us choosing to be wary of the deluge of negative or bad news. We are shunning hysteria even if we are knee deep in it or around it.

We are taking all kinds of measures: using supplements, essential oils, herbs, exercising/dancing more, cooking meals like never before, and drinking teas that would have lost their potency had we been at work and ignored them for 2-3 years.


You may know what works for the wholeness of your health –holistic body-mind-spirit– and what does not. My message is you have to control your health destiny (well, somewhat) and live your Highest Self. You can do it by keeping in mind these 3 tips:

  1. KNOW what is most important to you and therefore key to feeling good despite circumstances.

Connecting with friends, significant other or children in a deep way; insisting on a clean kitchen sink or keeping the entire house clean; reading time, meditation or quiet time to be undisturbed; fresh air walks or just sunning; daily juicing or raw food preparation; time for your favorite social media and playing an instrument….

Whatever it is, you feel your Highest Self being free and in control. KNOWING raises YOUR THOUGHTS so that what you think MATTERS. Read an earlier post on knowingness for more about this upgrade of mindfulness (especially from an African descendant perspective).

2. LISTEN to people you respect, what they say you need, and how they say it. Energy travels in words, phrases, sentences, and exclamations. It gets watery in tears and strengthened in prolonged smiles or laughter.

If loved ones have been telling you for years that you should do something unique to you, now may be the time to take heed. Why not teach English abroad, sell your drawings, learn carpentry, do comedy or help people with investing?

When you know what is important to you and listen to the outstanding truth of your life, your destiny as a healthy individual is almost assured.

Steer your health destiny–Balance and Grow oil blends by Young Living Essential Oils.


3. But you must TEST this hypothesis. Whether you are over 30, over 50, or under 20, you must know yourself and listen to the sincerity of others. What they give are echoes of your heart, delivered in life’s mirror to assist you.

You test by trying something different and then discarding it if it doesn’t work out.

  • I tried an Airbnb clone company to rent out space in my home. It didn’t work out.
  • I tried hanging out my shingle to establish my reiki business in my home. It didn’t work out.
  • I tried leading essential oils workshops in an official capacity in NYC. It didn’t work out.

I do some version of these things, but not as originally envisioned. (Other stories to be told.) Suffice it to say the c-19 created a turnaround and at the same time attuned (Reiki word) me to what works and what doesn’t.


An associate called it “a paradigm shift” and I say it has two faces: 1/ a global viral infection, and 2/ the erection of an inter-networking system designed to increase connectivity that may do so at great risk to humanity’s health.

If we are not cognizant and don’t take precautions, we can become vulnerable, sick, and die early. I raise my energy vibration by attaching affirmations to the three tips, and you can too.

I am successful because I KNOW having a solid significant partner is most important for me, and together we forge a strong relationship with the All-Knowing.

I am happy because I LISTEN to Spirit telling me to open my home or shut it down, as needed. Sometimes a relative needs a place to stay. As the flow of resources is paused amid the panic, this is especially true.

I am healthy because I TEST my eating patterns and 24-hour+ responses to what I ingest. My intake undergoes continual review. I was already blessed with great ways to improve my health and now I can be consistent in using my supplements, oils, and herbs.

Visit with me online to assess your energy and holistic health happiness. I can help you lay the building blocks of personal immunity. Let me know.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

Oils used while writing this post: A combination of Abundance and Highest Potential blends from Young Living E.O. under my feet; Harmony blend on my heart; Attar Bazaar’s The Mind aromatherapy massage lotion combined with YL’s Clarity blend.