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13 Ways to Be Energetic at Work without Caffeine

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There are ways to be energetic when don’t have the energy and work must get done. But how to do it without caffeine? And 5-Hour Energy drinks?

There’s are 100s of ways to increase energy, and I describe scores of them on this blog and site. Your nerves take a beating from the stress of work you may not enjoy or resent. This is why the excitable action of caffeine is not to be ramped up if you want to be peaceful overall.

In order words, your days off are of no benefit if you’re over-excited from the caffeine consumed during the week. So slow down on caffeine drinks and supplements of all kinds. Support your above-the-line health. Be energetic and peaceful as a powerful way to upgrade your lifestyle.

BE ENERGETIC without caffeine–13 ways

Here are the ways to do this, broken down into the six senses:


1. Give eyes a rest. Rubbing hands together and then cupping them over eyes for a few minutes is relieving and stimulating. Then, alternate with eye exercises.

2.  Make sure you are exposed to natural light daily.

3.  Take stock of the environment. Be purposeful and allowing as you notice.


4.  To the degree possible, have a hearty breakfast. Nerves need the fuel first thing.

5.  Have a good lunch or power-packed snacks during the day, and really break for them.

6.  Drink more water, or hydrate with juicy fruits–diluting them with H2O is even better.


7.  If the job allows, listen to the right kind of music that keeps you inspired and feeling good.

8.  Interact with co-workers on a dime. The idea that comes to you is meant to be acted on.


9.  Touch a human. Stretch a boundary with a friendly coworker –light soothing, grooming and helping will relax and reset energy. Also physically stretch and reach to stimulate your body.

10.  Massage yourself, even if you do not ache. Steal away and get a professional to do it.

11.  Splash water on your face. On your chest and back of neck, too.


12.  Keep pure peppermint oil close, to smell it for a quick pick-me-up. Lavender will keep the calm in the midst of deadlines. Use a few drops more than you would to aid sleep. Hints:

  • Apply oils under the feet in the rest room to not offend sensitive coworkers.
  • Just open the cap and smell your favorite scents without applying. This keeps usage as private as professionalism allows. Others to try: rosemary, basil, eucalyptus, citrus oils.

inSPIRITuition (First Eye Connection method)

13.  Before a difficult task, take a moment and engage in one of these three things to lighten the stress level and be energetic:

  • Take a moment/meditate to connect within.
  • Deep breathe while thinking of a loved one who makes you smile
  • Read or recite favorite scripture or poetic wisdom.

Any of these will have you hear a voice of confirmation OR see a picture affirming your next step.

This article inspired this blog post. I augmented it to include Spirit-contact and other hints.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


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