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6 More Things Learned in Mexico

apartment suite in Mexico

My trip to Mexico yields new information each day, and what I really got out of it surfaces and surprises me.

  • Vaulted ceilings are good for the soul. The Sanctuary where I provide Reiki treatments has the same inspiring architecture.
  • The body is mere skin. I was the only African American woman I saw in Mexico City over nine days. Although I resonate with people, I had to remind myself why they were looking at me as if I was different from them.

pic of room in Mexico city



  • High altitudes are good for the ears. My right ear had diminished hearing, but my eardrum popped on the second day of the trip. I wondered why music sounded so loud and people were yelling.
  • Corn is everything, and tortillas are its most digestible form. Human beings are made of it, say the Mayans. I’ve always loved corn and also use it as a facial scrub and mask (1 TBSP cornmeal, 1-2 drops of sandalwood or frankincense, 1 TBSP water; add more meal for mask–rinse after 5-10 mins).
  • Left and right brain hemispheres can harmonize, given a supportive environment. My left hand now feels as strong and capable as my right. The energy is even stronger; my left hand is no longer a true “non-dominant” hand.
pic of frida kahlo heart portrait

Frida is the only example in the whole history of art of someone who has torn open her great and her heart to tell the biological truth of what she feels in them. –-Diego Rivera

  • The Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera love story proves opposites not only attract but contain unseen energetic likenesses that magnetize. As a student of art and Left movements, their story always fascinated me.  When I visited the museum created from their home, I got a closer look at passionate healer-artist Kahlo and the love that persisted, despite serious challenges– between her and famous muralist Diego Rivera.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


pic of sanctuary

The Sanctuary in Union, New Jersey, where energy healing, energy foot massage and essential oil anointments take place.