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Ylang-Ylang Oneness … and Healing Your True Self

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Using Ylang-Ylang to Heal Your Feelings and Heart Space — A  Meditation and Guide Including 7 Reasons to Always Have Ylang-Ylang on Hand!

Healing takes wanting to be whole, wanting to be loved, wanting to be at peace, in oneness, with oneself. This morning, traveling through several cities, I saw many women cleaning snow off their cars so they could prepare to drive to work. I don’t know where the men cleaning their cars were. Perhaps they had done it already, perhaps this was my day for noticing the women.

Either way, my thoughts went to the men and how they struggle to protect us women, and how their efforts are often thwarted and this frustrates them and everyone they love.

How can anyone take an active role in healing this situation? As a single woman, how do you cultivate and maintain a positive perception of male-female relationships when there are so many factors blurring your vision?

Even if you are in a relationship, staying positive, tranquil, glowing when your beloved looks your way or thinks of you–of course this would be idealistic, but it also may be exactly what you wish for yourself deep down inside.


Enter the natural way of living, which is at peace with what comes and what goes  while it goes beyond the consuming mentality to embrace the best of Mother Nature. I’m using “natural” to refer to unprocessed, unadulterated, unboxed, in the raw state or as close to it products—for all things that we use in our homes, on our bodies and in our lives.

First, the desire to heal oneself because love of self is paramount must be present. When you truly love yourself as you love your child or your pet, you give the best of what is available.

You go beyond preservation, you make sure that which you love is well-cared for, in a sustainable way. Beautiful clothes and hairstyles give the impression of being loved, and most healthy women know it. What comes next is knowing love similarly, by impressing the heart with the beautification of healing messages (clothing and styles). This is where essential oils come in.

You Must Keep Ylang-Ylang at All Times

For beautification of the heart, there is an essential oil that allows the heart to speak, reveal itself, and soften to a state of vulnerability that is somehow protective. It is called Cananga odorata, or ylang ylang, meaning “flower of flowers” in Tagalog (a Filipino language).

Full disclosure: Ylang ylang helps me to speak from my heart, because it helps me to listen to my lover’s words, gestures, and nonverbal cues of communication. It helps me to respond in kind, be on the same page, align with his love energy.

Something about it has us humbling ourselves as we lean in to one another. Translated, this means intimate conversation is improved and crystal clear.

It is said that this oil in its pure state gives a needed spin to the yin-yang energies of both male and female, and this harmonizes the genders into oneness. That unified, no-separation feeling is the gift of a healed heart.

Chemistry of Ylang-Ylang Oil

In essential oils classes and in this post, I talk about the major ways that pure oils operate in the earthly kingdom:

  1. chemical action on other chemicals and molecules (pharmacological)
  2. chemical action on body systems/organs (physiological)
  3. affecting the mind and emotions, (psychological, thought spurred by hormones)
  4. transmuting telluric energy (environmental)

This article, written by Malaysian colleagues, describes the value of knowing essential oil chemistry and their physiological and psychological influences.

Ylang-ylang and other oils high in sesquiterpenes (lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, rosewood) bypass the blood-brain barrier and enable composure, compassion and ego-lessness, largely due to its pharmacological, physiological and psychological influences. Research has found the effects of ylang-ylang to be:

  1. analgesic (numbing)
  2. antiseptic (cleansing)
  3. anti-inflammatory
  4. anti-spasmodic
  5. oxygenating (stimulating)
  6. sedative (calming)
  7. vasodilating (widening the walls of arteries and veins)

Using the Knowledge to Access Your True Self–LOVE

FIRST, I want you to notice the polarity of influences–numbing and cleansing versus stimulating and anti-spasmodic. These actions have the effect of balancing what goes on in the body and therefore the mind.

This is why ylang-ylang is said to be one of the most balancing of all oils for the personality.

SECOND, I want you to use your ylang-ylang to more securely align with your God (concept). This is a key to maintaining above-the-line health.

How To Use Ylang-Ylang  Knowledge

Know that you are precious and divinely appointing to be living your life. It is  yours to own and cherish — no one can live it like you. Be the jewel-human and be aware of yourself as such. Using ylang-ylang frequently can help.

Think of the oil when you’re feeling a bit lack-luster or off-center. Use just a drop of the pure oil behind the ears and on chest, or just smell the bottle. 

Know that your precious counterpart is here already, or nearby. You’ve heard that to attract love you have to BE love. Why not share your beautiful love with another? If you’re unafraid, then–

wear ylang-ylang and smooth bed sheets with it, add 5-10 drops to bath water and soak, put a drop or three in your food and drink. You will begin to attract very interesting counterparts who reflect the love your emanate.

Know that spiritual help is near and loves your reaching out. If you think you’re not ready for love, and sense fear, use this essential oil to have a talk with your Creator.

Smell it and let the aroma sink in. Its properties let you to open up, and you may be surprised at what comes out of your mouth (or is written in your journal). Confess your love.

Be happy: what comes up is YOU. Kaleidoscopic LOVE has a chance to bud and blossom even more. Now, if you’re in a relationship, all this love action is deepened. (A dragonfly at the doorway punctuates my words. Be of Light; be willing to change. Thank you!)

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

Want more wisdom, knowledge and understanding of essential oils? Learn how oils and holistic counseling can help you dissolve emotional roadblocks on your healing journey. It’s easy to schedule a free consultation or make an appointment now.

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