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Zyto Compass Is Here

Cutting Edge Assessment Technology Is Excellent for Determining the Best Essential Oils and Choices For You

pic of Zyto handset and monitorThe Zyto Compass System prioritizes your body’s preferences for specific nutritional supplements, including essential oils* and the products that are made with them. This information helps you make better decisions about which products to use or purchase.

The HealMobile understands the human as a vibrational being. We are constantly in motion and our ever moving parts are constantly giving up information to those who can read the messages.

Zyto technology “measures your body’s responses to a specific library of products,” asking your body which ones it prefers. This is called biocommunication.

When you place your hand on the Zyto hand cradle, stimuli are sent to the body representing each individual product. The software then records your responses whether positive or negative and ranks them. Positive responses are referred to as “biological preference.” The Zyto sytem then generates a report showing your biological preference, which you can use as a guide in making your selections.

This report is yours to keep and can be emailed to you. The entire process takes under 20 minutes.

Zyto, Reiki and Phoenix Foot Bath are among the services The HealMobile offers to help your body-mind-spirit adjust itself and bring imbalances into remission.


When doing our energy bodywork, we may use pure, uncut essential oils* (Reiki, Chakra-Aura Cleansing Technique, and foot detox). The Zyto Compass is the perfect tool to determine which approaches and nutritional support you need. The modality for using the oils is chosen with your input.

Like the best gourmet food, aroma, presentation, protocols for “eating” and whether or not to add companion “foods,” your usage procedures and surroundings can greatly influence the outcome.

Always bear in mind that your state of mind and attitude will also affect results.


Rev. Niamo Nancy
Driver, The HealMobile
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Please inform your medical doctor or health practitioner of your interest in and use of alternative medicine techniques and pure, uncut essential oils. The above information is for educational purposes only, and not meant to diagnose your condition or prescribe remedial action to address it. Do see your chosen licensed healthcare practitioner for any long-standing condition.