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Mind-Healing is #1 on the Holistic Agenda

Are you conscious? Aware? Maybe you feel confused, actually. Consciousness and awareness help to bring about “mind-healing.” Cultivating these faculties can recharge your brain and change your mind for the better, to sharpen and develop it so it can guide your life. Mind-body-spirit health really begins in the brain.
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It is said that if you think healthy thoughts, you’ll be forever young. This is about perspective, not age. Youthful or fresh thinking can stimulate the mind-healing process.

When the mind is fresh or conscious it is better able to revisit thoughts, ideas, memories and goals, and to make itself whole. It can notice and be more open to new information. Awareness of the new makes the mind shift and think differently. Mental health balance is the goal.

Heal Your Mind First

Consciousness could be said to be awareness of your awareness. Without it, the mind can fall prey to negativity or fear. When excessive, negativity and fear reflect an un-healed, “not whole” or dis-eased state of mind. Consciousness-raising, either through being guided or self-taught, is the activity that gets the mind “right.”

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This is where holistic healing comes in. The healthiest food, drink, physical and social environment, cultural choices such as music and essential oils also help improve the state of the mind. A holistic approach lifts the mind out of negativity, fear and confusion and into awareness of itself and real potential. It helps to integrate the body-mind-spirit-soul (emotional) factors with the external factors.

A poet once said the mind is its own place, and in itself can make “a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” What happens when the mind isn’t your ally? What if you possess the kind of personality that other people call negative?

Use Your Thoughts to Change
The answer is you must use your thoughts to change your life. Thought is the ruler of the mind and the very best tool for healing the mind.

Pure, focused thought can change a negative outlook and stretch the brain cells and neurons to re-frame perceptions and generate a positive and productive mindset. A book on mind-healing by Susan Piver contains universal and Buddhist tips to increase mental health as an antidote to fear, which she says is the root of ignorance, pessimism and negativity.

Consciously using thought awareness will liberate you from the prison of fear-based negativity and set you on the road toward healing your mind. After this, your body-mind-spirit and emotions can function seamlessly together and self-heal ongoingly. This is a lifelong process.

Use Nature’s Living Energy to Help
Essential oils that can assist in the process must be in their pure, unadulterated form. For the following conditions, use one or two of the listed oils:

serenity: frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, roman chamomile;
keen thought: peppermint, cedarwood, basil, rosewood;
headaches: peppermint, rosemary, wintergreen;
nerves: elemi, juniper, hyssop, spikenard, patchouli, vetiver;
happiness: citrus oils, geranium, myrtle, ylang ylang;
moodiness: balsalm/douglas fir, spruce, geranium, neroli, clary sage, galbanum

Place 1-2 drops in your hands, rotate 3x, cup hands over your nose and inhale deeply. Read the Safety Notice before using undiluted and unenhanced oils. The oils below are therapeutic in effect and available from select distributors. You have to do your homework and follow through with what makes sense to you.*


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Safety Notice
Recommendations are not meant to replace medical advice. See your medical practitioner for long-standing problems. Inform him or her about your use of pure oils. You must follow your doctor’s advice.

Test one or two drops of oil in an inconspicuous area before use. Asthmatics or others sensitive to scent should use just one drop and only on the soles of the feet. Start with less oil, not more, to gauge impact. You may increase drop by drop and take note of changes.

Redness, outbreaks or itching means too much oil. Wait a day for the body to adjust to the powerful natural energy of oils before resuming use. Dilute with sesame, olive or coconut oils or shea butter. Never water!

*The HealMobile offers holistic healing services and information that cannot replace medical or psychological help. The HealMobile cannot prescribe medication for your condition or diagnose the proper caring for or curing of any disease. These pages are provided for your educational awareness and not as medical or psychological consultation. See your doctor or mental health professional for long-standing conditions, and be mindful to consult him or her about your exploration of the self-care techniques suggested on this website.