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Twice As Nice Signal Poem

i want to say something about the men in my life (i am a woman).

there are two men in my life and there always are.

there are always two of everything in my life,

and one day i shall write about it.

(among the sisters i have two zakiyyahs! who woulda thunk?)


in the meantime i can draft a poem about writing a book

about the twice as nice signal, the twoness, that lets me know

life is watching and being playful and giving me back some humor

i usually do not get. it lets me in on this one.

this is elementary enough, we can show her, life says.


so i go through life looking and watching my step

being careful not to trip because i have not noticed that twin.

the way is often smoothed for me because I be the sky.

no wonder that my term with menfolk lasts for some time.

they keep me grounded, hold out their roots,


then we two become one.


Saturday Sonnets copyright (c) 2016 by Niamo Nancy Muid