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Clinical or therapy oils are also known as medicinal-use (or therapeutic-grade) oils. Other names are volatile oils, essences, aromatics, infusions, though each of these have their own shade of meaning.

According to the Freebase dictionary:

“An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, or aetherolea, or simply as the “oil of” the plant from which they were extracted, such as oil of clove.
photo of wintergreen plant
“An oil is “essential” in the sense that it carries a distinctive scent, or essence, of the plant. Essential oils do not form a distinctive category for any medical, pharmacological, or culinary purpose.

“Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation. Steam distillation is often used. Other processes include expression or solvent extraction. They are used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products, for flavoring food and drink, and for adding scents to incense and household cleaning products.

Essential oils have been used medicinally in history. Medical applications proposed by those who sell medicinal oils range from skin treatments to remedies for cancer and often are based solely on historical accounts of use of essential oils for these purposes. Claims for the efficacy of medical treatments, and treatment of cancers in particular, are now subject to regulation in most countries.

“As the use of essential oils has declined in evidence-based medicine, one must consult older textbooks for much information on their use. Modern works are less inclined to generalize; rather than refer to “essential oils” as a class at all, they prefer to discuss specific compounds, such as methyl salicylate, rather than “oil of wintergreen”. [emphases added]

This, then, is the core of “aroma” therapy. The rich smell of a black or blue spruce Christmas tree, the warm scent of lavender and roses ~ millions participate in this heaven-scent therapy to feel good and encourage good health.

Aromatherapy is both ancient and contrary to the defintion, since it’s been revived in the past 75 years, modern. It’s backed by good science and evidence that using oils to facilitate the self-healing power and therapy of the body works.

Black Spruce, Picea mariana, steadfastness “Using oils” primarily means smelling or inhaling them. I was never a huge perfume person, but now I LOVE inhaling the scent of oils. Since I am a “soft wood” person, according to the ancient Chinese, it is natural for me to use these substances.

However, you don’t need any special personal indicators or information to use them, just the desire to explore and exercise a cutting-edge health choice. Members of the HealMobile Team and I use oils to build our relationships and to combat generational stress, in addition to using aromatics for healthy body=mind=spirit support.

Our team consists of acupuncture, chiropractic and naturapathic doctors. You must always* consult your personal physician to consider adding pure oils to the recommended treatments for your long-standing condition.

Essential oils are a gift from the Creator and come from all kinds of plant matter such as tree trunk or bush stalk, root, branch, leaf, seed, sap, flower, fruit and vegetable.

I truly believe the essences from plant life are nature’s living energy that we can harness and use to enhance ourselves.

Therapy oils for social adjustment is just starting to be recognized as a useful way to uplift groups in agency settings. I use them when leading workshops as well as in personal counseling and consultation. Call or text (201) 966 1170 for more information.

*PLEASE NOTE: The HealMobile’s services and information are not offered to replace medical or psychological help. We do not prescribe medication and cannot diagnose the proper caring for or cure of any disease. See your doctor or mental health professional for long-standing conditions, and do share your interest in exploring the self-care techniques mentioned on this website with him or her.