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Herbal Supplements — LIES!

Greed in the Industry is Shameful

Commercial herbal supplements are the latest “fool’s gold,” where lies rather than truth about product contents predominates and you the consumer are none the wiser.

There was a time when the ingredients listed on the packaging of health food store products could be trusted, but no more.

A recent article in the New York Times science section (11/5/13) says that DNA barcoding has proven that “many pills labeled as healing herbs are little more than powdered rice and weeds.”

Canadian researchers (of course) took the lead in the study, which tested 44 bottles of popular herbal supplements sold by 12 companies serving North America. The names were not released, but ONLY TWO of the 12 companies’ products contained what their label claimed.

I hope one of them is Nature’s Way, one of the oldest and most respected companies with a long history of genuine products based on the integrity and respect of their founder, Mr. Christopher (back in the day…when I find out I’ll let you know).

Since our preferred supplements are usually not sold in health food stores, it is doubtful that any of the ethical companies we deal with are one of the companies profiled.

Here is a PDF of the article we’ve created for your herbal supplements file. Sorry about the quality. See if you can find it on the web, page D1 of ScienceTimes, NYTimes, Nov. 5, 2013.