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Towards Periscope!

Today is the sixth day of a new habit that shall be nameless (chuckle). I quashed the Reiki classes because I realized I was mourning my four major life transitions outta here, with four babies–i

drawing of periscope made from a milk carton

A homemade periscope!

ncoming lifeloves–to match. Plus, my main prospective students needed to cancel.

What I learn from my life is—it’s too short NOT TO LISTEN to my deepest desires and deepest knowing.  So this Metaphysical Monday will be a day of attracting Mine. And being a mine.



What are the signs, the uses of metaphysics in this very fast, technology-ON life run by millennials?  They are the fuel and I am at the other end. I’m part of the exhaust system. Or am I? Well, the HealMobile metaphor works most of the time!

Let’s see. I’m also the chassis and the auto body. The carrier. I’m the electric system; Ms. Energetic herself. I know how this thing is supposed to go. You do too! We only use the tools, the heated seats (hot seat!), the signals, the emergency lights, emergency brakes, glove compartment, and GPS when we need to. Otherwise we are on autopilot, and often in this state we do NOT read the signs posted on the road.

My work as I see it in this moment is to help myself be aligned to the signs even when I do not consciously read them. My subconscious knows what they say and misses nothing. It too is on an autopilot of a different sort.



It’s like the personal space you know your car occupies is not because you have physically measured how much room you have to avoid this pothole in the street.

Staying in your lane is not a function of you knowing the exact dimensions of your vehicle and allowing the correct amount needed to stay clear of that zooming car coming up on your left, in the fast lane.

No, you have an ability that you do not account for. It keeps you safe while driving. It’s a meta(physical) measurement. You learned how to use this tool when you took driving class. You mastered this technique and now you are one with it. You are, similarly, one with your meta-self or your highest self.

“I love you for that, babydoll face. Muaahhh!”



In this way I am introducing Periscope to you–an online app I’m having fun with. My Periscopes will deal with you as a babydoll face, a HealMobile created to strive as you drive while alive!

We’ll deal with your success and your personal law library. YOU HAVE YOUR LAWS, and they are the prescription by which you live. My law library is called the 9principles for loving living. They’re universal laws to me and I’ll share them from time to time. They’re my black gold from the center of the earth and the heart of the sky…

So we’ll have Meta Mondays, Wise-dom Wednesdays, Futurist Fridays and Saturday or Sunday Spirit. We shall “see.” And if you don’t catch me live, you can catch the replay on the Scope app or on katch.tv.

You see, I’m very mercurial. Change, change, change. So I’ve learned to adapt and read the signs and signals, signatures and symbols. With synergy—that’s my spiritual energy aligning with yours and whatever Spirit is sharing at the time.

You’re invited to join me for the ride.