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Thoughts on REIKI or QI FEELING As Awareness, Within and Without

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Spiritual Healing Energy (Reiki) not only references the qi (chee) flowing in and around the body and world, it also refers to the subtle levels of awareness of how humans, nature and material things make you feel.

As awareness of how you feel, qi energy lets you know how the introduction of a new idea or influence into your sphere affects you. When it is increased, you feel better being around that person, group, place or thing; happier, more alive and responsive, more expressive. When it is decreased, you feel less inclined to express yourself, more inhibited, shut down, and basically disempowered by the interaction.

Sometimes you choose to use your mind to change the decreased energy into an elevation experience. That is, you shift yourself since you have noticed that something has shifted you. The willingness to shift in an intentional way is another way of using spiritual healing energy. It is an exercise of the mind to interpret what is going on and choose options for responding to or proactively engaging in what’s present.

Response, engagement and reaction are three sides of interaction with varying degrees of conscious effort. Response and engagement can be measured and planned. Reaction is usually the Push principle and occurs without planning. All are valid and have their place, although reaction is often thought of as the wrong or too-emotional response.

It is true that reaction takes little time or forethought. In using spiritual healing energy, however, reaction can make the difference between energy flow or block. The spiritual essence of a person being worked on can speak loudly in an energy session— the body jerking, the person sobbing or laughing, a cough, a deep breath—and paying attention and reacting swiftly is often called for. The practitioner may address the unpredictable event in any number of ways that we teach in hands-on Reiki training.

Since life itself is full of unpredictable moments, the work is to transfer the expertise and mastery of spiritual healing energy application to the practical and everyday conditions of life.  Reiki can be used to master feelings and reactions to others’ feelings. It can be used to sense change and foster more harmony between individuals and in groups. Spiritual healing energy is always present, and being open to it allows you to feel the vibrations, literally, of what is being said or done.

As an accomplished spiritual healing energy practitioner, your reaction to what you sense is really going on in everyday situations can be the best next step for raising the vibration or strengthening the megahertz of the frequency, to transform the unpredictable event into a healing one. This is how the spiritual healing energy can be used to resolve an altercation or emotional outburst. Reiki and other spiritual healing systems like it can be applied to healing the people as they bump up against each other, and in groups as they are forced to interact with one another yet again.

On this note, recently I read that trade goes on between countries despite sharp political differences. The exception is when sanctions prohibit trade. Since business is a global value of human interaction, and money a form of energy exchange, there is a lesson here for spiritual healing practitioners.

The lifting of US sanctions against Cuba signals a change in the energy dynamic between the two nations. Now, an unimpeded flow of energy is being accommodated—the floodgates are open—despite differences in language, customs, nationality, traditional practices, literacy and even human rights record. This unimpeded flow of energy exchange can exist on levels beyond “trading partner” status, but that is another topic.

The qi of feeling is 1) sensing or noticing, 2) identifying how you feel about what you “pick up,” and 3) choosing to do something about it either through immediate re/action or more slowly through considered response or engagement.

At the one-on-one, interpersonal level, qi feeling becomes compassion, or can be transmuted into bringing forward the underlayment of love within a dialogue or interaction. This is another way of stating that the Reiki energy session is the interplay of feelings between giver and receiver; it is a conversation about increasing the universal loving vibration to raise the receiver’s health-giving, self-healing power and therapy (Fu Kiau).

At the intergroup level qi feeling also becomes compassion for two or more perspectives to address a situation, and the practitioner plumbs the depths for points of connection rather than disconnect and discord. The spiritual healing practitioner as mediator uses his/her learned skill set to increase the respect–shared energy exchange–between the adversaries or groups, and this contributes to raising the energy wholeness for all of the people.