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Tips for Driving Your HealMobile

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(My Periscope on this subject didn’t save, so this captures much of the chat.)

First, I recognize that not everyone drives a car. Yet everyone moves among people in the world–in a sense you drive yourself to wherever you are going.

As the saying goes, “you are driven” when you seem to have a lot of energy and get things done pretty quickly.

Me being the HealMobile, I want you to have more awareness of how you accomplish “the ride of your life.”

You will note that conscious driving towards health, wellbeing, unity in the community, and more are critical for you to easily “get around,” and stay mobile for as long as you can. I’m a Baby Boomer, what can I say!?

For the mindset and skills set of driving, take a look at this post.



  • Driving prepares you. It lets you know what you need to do to get on the road:
    • registration
    • gas, oil, carwash/waxed
    • wheel pressure, directional signals working, etc.
    • rearview and side view mirrors adjusted
  • Driving keeps you clear-minded and focused
  • Driving makes you feel self-directed; your own volition is what moves you
  • Driving lets you decide and schedule when to get going and when to leave
  • Driving allows you to set your own pace in terms of speed and which lane to ride in
  • Driving expands you by synchronizing your internal clock with the world’s or the day’s external clock
  • Driving puts motion into your agenda; takes you where you’ve put on paper where you’re going


As vehicles, people carry themselves in a multitude of ways. It doesn’t hurt to note how you move among them. The care you take towards accelerating, braking, signaling, passing, lane-changing and eye-to-eye communication just may help in making the world a better place.

You don’t have to say, “have a blessed day” in order to send that clear message. You can convey this message by exuding your own blessedness.

In terms of mind-body-spirit, the above driving tips translate into:

  • being aware of how you appear and ensuring mind-body-spirit are in alignment and reflect YOU
  • preparing yourself before you go out with adequate food, nutrition and hydration
  • preparing yourself by ensuring you are clean and dressed well
  • preparing yourself by noting your feelings and gathering them up before you step out the door
  • walking or movement to flex the body-mind (analogous to warming up the car on a cold day)
  • walking with identity papers
  • walking with credentials reflecting affiliations and expertise, such as business card, emergency info, etc.
  • being aware of comportment—how you carry yourself signals others they can allow you to pass (give the right of way) or ride alongside you or with you (caravan)
  • being aware of the thoughtful meaning behind “stay in your lane”


There are all kinds of people driving all kinds of vehicles.  Whether you drive a mechanical vehicle or not, I hope you find these ideas useful for moving among the people with ease, grace and power.