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Therapeutic Tuesday

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These are the 7  essential oil blends of the Infusion kit by Young Living Essential Oils. Created by the “Oola Guys,” the blends are a feat of aromatherapy and work just as their names imply.

My personal story is: whenever I dab on Fitness™ oil blend before going to work out, the trainers always comment that I have much more energy than usual.

Each blend magically enhances the area of life you want to expand. If you use Grow™ or Balance™ blends with them–  you feel as though you are home free. Any areas of your life need holistic healing?

Get this kit or any of the blends in it here.

The photo of me at the Oola Booth took place at the Live Your Passion event that took place in Lindenhurst, N.Y. in January. I didn’t win the grand prize but experiencing all the products at the rally was like being at a YLEO mini-convention. (The maxi one, held annually usually in June, is not to be missed).

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid