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Metaphyics Monday


Did  you know the HealMobile is founded on the Nine Principles for Loving Living? This is an E-book available on my 9principles.org website. It explains how we are all one, all healing, all the time, and it is written from the quranic scriptural perspective (another eastern take on metaphysics).

I’ve been doing some writing for my next book, which will be about Reiki Medicine. Spiritual Healing Energy –my preferred definition of Reiki– is the stuff of “good witches;” which may scare some of you, but which may be the best way to communicate the power of it.

We are all made of vibrations and energetic matter moving at different speeds and velocity. Thus, we have in common our makeup as human beings, and our earthly and spiritual (divine; all life) connection.

We may also have in common a reverence for “a Life greater than life” and esteem the value of hope as a key to self-healing.

As I explore these ideas, I thought I’d share this video as one way to introduce myself, if we haven’t yet met.

Glad to meet you!


–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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