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Testimonial – REIKI


Wednesday Sings journal:  I sang alto in a chorus and observed the musical director unable to turn his head towards our alto section. (No, that isn’t him pictured.) He complained he had a crook in his neck and couldn’t turn it. I couldn’t bear seeing him in such pain, went over to him and put my hands on his neck and shoulder area. He later shared the following with me describing his first Reiki experience.
           I heard about Reiki before. I had never tried it. When you offered it to me it was something I had reservations about. But I was receptive and open to it. I didn’t feel anything right away.
           I just remember that towards the end (about 3 minutes) I felt the loosening of my muscle. I did feel a little warmth. When you stopped I was able to move my neck again. I hadn’t been able to move it in days.
           I went home and did a little massage therapy on it. By the time of the concert [several days after] I was able to completely turn it. Once you got it going, when you started, it definitely loosened it up a  lot. —Timothy Riley, NYC