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Kuumba! Nia! Imani!

Most exalted is the One in whose hands is all dominion, and GOD is omnipotent! (67:1)


The Majestic Milky Way

Kuumba is the 5th day of Kwanzaa and I was in TOTAL CREATIVITY yesterday, Wednesday.

I made a movie about REIKI, which should be posted soon. OK, it took more than one day. Maybe I started on Tuesday. Today is Thursday. So that’s till hardcore Working It if I do say so myself.

Tuesday was Ujamaa, and I had a wonderful meeting with a sincere naturopath, Dr. Natural, in Brooklyn, New York.

Everything we spoke of had to do w/cooperative economics. He basically handed me a Brooklyn base of operations! Thank you, Brother Dr. Natural! And blessings to you and the Temple of Illumination as you take care of your mother and manage your holistic community operations at the same time!

Today is NIA, and I am in total purpose as to the trip to Bergen County courthouse to TCB. Gotta do watchu gotta do!

So What are YOU doing on Nia, Niamo!?  (As “one who hears her purpose through universal sound…” I ask myself!) How can my purpose be lived out today in TOTALITY, given my two goals for the year 2016?:

1. Have a thriving REIKI/Energy HealMobile enterprise

2. Sell 100 books per day on automatic. Nine Principles for Loving Living new website coming soon!

With with the help of Coach Jonn Thomas, The HealMobile has transformed as a website to focus exclusively on REIKI.  My gift of REIKI/Energy will be facilitated by  this new website and the new video.  Hope you like the easy scheduling options. You can also text me for an appointment if you cannot schedule online.


INTENTIONS with IMANI (my deepest faith)

In 2016 I intend to do a video promoting EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique AKA tapping), maybe incorporating Stephanie Alston Nero’s clips from her excellent video.

Selling 100 books on automatic will be supported and flourish by continued tweets and social media promotions, especially around progressive faith values being expressed through writings and action (the 9principlesbooks.com site).

I see myself either writing or doing Energy work and  from home five days a week (when you  combine the two short weekdays with Sunday hours). I see myself in New York on Friday and every other Tuesday or Wednesday, depending.

I look forward to hearing from you.