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Stopped by the Cops

flat-tire-attitudeThe tire was flat so we pulled over.  We had seen the police about a half mile back and knew they would join us. We were polite and so were they–I with my white hair and my friend with his locks. I called Triple A since my jack was not in the car with the donut. While I was calling, the cop got his jack. As he started to help my friend, I cancelled the call. They were kind, and we were too.

My friend said he never gets treated like that when he is by himself. Several times cops have goaded him as if he were trying to make trouble.

One of his stock answers is, “No Sir, my intention is to go home and have a wonderful rest of the day and I’m hoping your intention is to go home and have a wonderful day.” His hands are always visible on the steering wheel. He is with us to share this method of offense when confronted by accusations he’s trying to start trouble when he isn’t even out of his car.flat-tire-quote

He didn’t have to go there today with these two New York State Troopers. We had both already gotten out of the car and were looking in the trunk when they arrived. Their first question was, Where are you coming from? Then, Where are you headed? I thought they stopped us to help us. They did.

They weren’t supposed to touch our car, the helper trooper told my friend while I was on the phone. They did not touch the car per se. He just loaned his jack and assisted in removing the tire. At one point he was on the ground and my friend was standing over him watching. This assistance allowed us to get to drive safely away, unharmed, unhurt and unworried.

BTW, while “good cop” was helping, “bad cop” was getting my license and registration.

My theme as The HealMobile driver is to be happy and healthy despite crazies and craziness I cannot fathom. This beautiful fall afternoon occurrence demonstrates that public safety officers can be expected to be that, and with a healthy and generous attitude. This is the expectation I had when I saw them get out of their cars. They did not disappoint.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


The only downside to this story? Midas kept my good rear tire and only returned the donut. I was clear I wanted it. I’m angry about it and will call them on Monday since the “messages are full.” My friend forgot to check….