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11 Reasons I Am Wedded to Oils

Lavender flowers

Lavender flowers (the oil is made only from the flowers)

I realize I am wedded to essential oils for the following 11 reasons, broken down in three areas:

Spirit Reasons

  1. They keep me glorifying the Creator because I’m constantly in wonderment at how great pure oils are.
  2. They help me to focus on my soul’s connection to the Creator (See the frankincense post.)

Mind Reasons

  1. They help me to use aroma for emotional clearing, just as the ancients used them
  2. Inhaling them interacts with my memory system to handle being cynical, judging and berating every good idea I didn’t generate (in a word, ego)
  3. My oils company is WORTHY; they are the only business entity in the U.S. of A. that I would ever “marry”
  4. The company is six-sigma obsessive about its manufacturing process
  5. The company prioritizes maintaining good relationships with members of the human race

Body Reasons

  1. Pure essential oils are the closest substance in nature to my bloodstream
  2. They add oxygen to my cells, encouraging molecular activity
  3. They penetrate my cell membranes for better absorption, assimilation and utilization of dietary nutrients
  4. Because they support my immune system, I feel more protected from toxins in the air or in my lungs

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

YL Executive Distributor #952900