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REIKI Training March 2016

The Sanctuary in Union will be the site of REIKI training from March 10 – March 14, 2106. There will be onsite and online components to the training. Total training hours is 22 hours. (The scheduler incorrectly says 8. Actually there will be 8 hours hands-on onsite training Saturday and Sunday; 3 hours Friday evening hands-on onsite training, and 3 hours each online sessions on Thursday and Monday evenings.)


Zoom’s interface works on tablets and smartphones.

Thursday, March 10, 6-9pm. ONLINE INTRO, Zoom.us

This will be an open introductory session for those who are curious as well as those who are committed to “getting REIKI.”

In this session the entire curriculum for the weekend will be reviewed and participants are invited to ask questions and note answers. This will help everyone to become more acquainted with the importance to humanity of universal life-force energy, and for those who are undecided, this overview may help them to make up their minds.

Friday, March 11, 6-9pm. ONSITE: The Sanctuary in Union, NJ

This evening will initiate the training. Students become attuned to REIKI 1 and will apply what they have learned in this session.

Saturday, March 12, 11-7pm. ONSITE

This all-day Intensive will initiate the students’  grounding in energy knowledge, technical training and application. Students will become attuned to REIKI 2 and learn the fundamentals, beginning with the history of REIKI. If there is time, depending on number of participants, students will apply what they have learned in this session.

Sunday, March 13, 11-7pm. ONSITE

This all-day Intensive will further expand the students’ energy knowledge, technical training and application. Students will practice the fundamentals on one another and learn additional techniques from various cultures.

Monday, March 14, 6-9pm. ONLINE OUTRO, Zoom.us

This will be the closing session for current and past students to explore what’s come up for them in the training.

The possibility of helping people using remote or distance healing techniques will be explored. Students will be able to demonstrate the impact of universal life-force energy as a powerful contribution to humanity, beginning with themselves and their families, and if they are interested, possible clients in the future.


$300. Save $50 by paying before March 1st, ($250) See the Learn REIKI page for additional details.