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A Reiki Attunement Is Initiation and Atonement

A Reiki attunement is both an atonement and an initiation, and to explain how, it’s necessary to appreciate its beauty as an energy infusion.

If you believe some aspect of your body, mind, or spirit needs Reiki, the energy will adapt itself to what you believe you need. In this way, Reiki is much like a massage. You feel you need this energy infusion.

Unlike manipulative corrections to aches or soreness, however, Reiki reiki attunement certgives what you are willing to take.

Like assimilating nutrients through the digestive system, the body has to be ready. Receivers are often advised to think positive thoughts at the start of a session.

Reiki is famously said to “go where it is sent.” It may help to understand it as a form of the movement of electricity. Because it is being sent or given, you are literally the receiver.

It is therefore important that you BE a receptacle for Reiki, and that you think this way before a session.

Your role is to actively relax your mental state, then your body, and then your spiritual state (in any order). In the last case, this means giving up any residue of fear by giving your expectation and anticipation over to God.


The Reiki session is thus an initiation into a formless state; one of bliss, acceptance and natural stillness.

Here are possible Reiki outcomes:

  • Inside of a session, you may feel boundless and unlimited
  • You may feel as if you are floating
  • Sometimes you will feel buoyant
  • Sometimes you will feel as if you’ve melted
  • You may not feel a physical change during a session
  • Effects are meshing into your being whether you feel the movement of electricity or not

These outcomes have a way of seeping past the session and into your life. You feel lighter and more content with the flow of experiences. Life’s unexpected jolts or trip-ups do not bother you as much.

Maintaining the quintessence of a session can be enhanced, especially if you become attuned to Reiki 1 or 2.


Once you’ve been attuned, your attitude opens up even more. You continue to do Reiki on yourself and feel liberated every time.

You witness the defeat of major obstacles. Every jolt, trip-up or delay has meaning and you recognize life’s lessons more easily.

You feel compelled to spiritually atone for errors and misunderstandings, whether warranted or not. You decide. Your faith is stronger. This is your life, and it could be even more effortless.

Reiki training provides laser-sharp focus. Why not fashion the life you choose to lead?

This article describes what to expect from a Reiki attunement class. The HealMobile’s next training is slated for early summer.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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